More trouble on the way for Half-Asians, who are raised by racist white fathers who hate both white women and Asian men, and cruel, status-obsessed Asian women who desperately want to feel like they belong and that they are as attractive as white women, and whereby find no conflict with marrying a white supremacist, who they can control and belittle in an attempt to curry favor among the ruling class of their host country.

These threads are very common on 4chan, which one could claim as the central hub of antagonistic, low-value white men who embrace hardcore racism withoout punishment.

This is a specific problem with regards to half-Asians with White dads and Asian moms, who come from fathers who are deliberately antagonistic to progress, tolerance, and deliberately target Asian women over all other women because of their perceived tendencies. No other interracial pairing is so filled with utter hostility and violent rage towards others and seems to be a calculated “movement” against progress. It is specific ONLY to Asian women due to the low desirability of both racist White men, and Asianness; these same “couples” will actively work to demonize Asianness and non-whiteness, at the expense of their half-Asian children who more often look Asian, or non-white (many passing as Latino and Middle Eastern).

Rather than being a real relationship, these relationships celebrated by 4chan seem to resemble hateful, contrarian, anti-social movements rather than genuine love.

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“I’m so torn on this issue. I have an asian gf, but not because shes asian or out of any kind of weird racial fetish. Its because she listens to black metal, hates nigs, and is an overall intelligent and interesting person who I enjoy spending time with. Totally Americanized, born here. At the same time, I’m still in an interracial relationship. Oh well.”