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“My gf is Asian. She refused to hold my hand after I shook hands with a Somalian after a football game. Thats when I knew she was a goodun.”

Once again, cyclical masculinity allows white men to maintain extremely hostile mannerisms towards non-whites, while maintaining “relationships” with women that provide them what they need – validation, sexuality, and companionship. Note that this strange refusal more often reveals the cold, passive aggressive and asexual nature of their status-oriented partners that can be seen more often than not in these relationships; oftentimes the aggressive and controlling nature of foreign born Tiger Mothers will cause men married to them to resort to even more extreme websites and beliefs as a way to demonstrate control.

Anti-blackness among white fathers of half-Asians is extremely common and to a certain degree inherited, such as with myself, and Elliot Rodger. This can be said that because white men initially wanted white women, but white women rejected them in favor of more liberal policies towards progress, many, many white men that harbor antiquated views of white male supremacy and sexuality marry Asian women as a way to validate their racist viewpoints.

There is no conflict between a white supremacist who hates white women for their traitorous behavior – and marriage to an Asian wife, who they idealize as being faithful, traditional, “racially aware,” family-oriented, chaste, and hostile to blacks and other ethnic minorities.