Sex is about power, and white men who prefer white civilization and find pride in their race more often than not dislike White women for not fitting their “standards.” These same white men sometimes target Asian women as being more malleable, “chaste,” and traditional – while having white skin and “pleasant attitudes” – and raise half-Asian children while maintaining white supremacist and white-male chauvinistic attitudes throughout their entire life – which are inherited by the half-Asian children.

Many, many White men who hate White women for sleeping with non-White men, and embracing liberal policies, feel an entitlement towards quiet, chaste, traditional, family oriented Asian women – yet would be angry to even see a Half-Asian man with a white woman.

Essentially, desperate, angry white men who feel wronged by white women will blame white women for their failure to succeed – when it is more often their looks and performance – so the same white failures will idealized Asian women as being more “supportive” of white supremacy.

His video:

His other video on Japanese women and their lack of obesity.

From BlackPigeonSpeak’s other Youtube Channel, exclusively devoted to Asian women.