Again, it’s fairly typical for young men to be sexually aggressive, despite being unattractive, as a way to prove their “superiority” over Asian men. Asian women are the “last resort” for ugly, unattractive men seeking “meaning” through masculinity. Conservatism is generally sexual frustration manifested, as in Cenk’s case, and manifested into racial fetishization and hierarchies.

But like most weird incels who go through “phases,” their problems seem to magically be solved as soon as they meet… you guessed it, an Asian Tiger Mom. The magical cure for being incel, and being insecure about it.

Being racist has no bearing on ones desire for sex and dominance, and Asian women provide a convenient way for non-Asian men, desperate for meaning and power, to both remain racist against others, and against liberals, while retaining the ideas of white (or non-Asian) male dominance. Asian women are seen as anti-feminist, loyal, and “pretty much white” – as long as they make white men feel big against the tide of feminism and change.

Desire for sex with “submissive, family oriented, complacent, loyal” women willing to tolerate racism against ones competitors does not make one non-racist. That is why almost every non-Asian man who “likes” (i.e., resorts to, due to his ugliness or personality or political beliefs) Asian women, has nothing but horrible things to say about non-Asian women, and Asian men, because he is fighting back against non-Asian women who challenge his fragile ego, and Asian men, who he views as beneath him despite his very low status and unattractiveness.

As a half Asian male who leans towards the white side – the majority of extremely painful racism I have received has been from unattractive Asian women, and white men that struggled with women – except for Asian women desperate to integrate and escape their isolation and association with Asian stereotypes.

I was barely able to escape with my sanity, despite constant microaggressions from ugly (generally shorter, balding, and nerdy, and rejected by non-Asian women) non-Asian men, who would say horrific things about my Asian heritage – despite only being able to get with Asian women. 

“Yellow fever” is a last resort for most men who struggle with a feeling of masculinity, worthlessness, and lack of meaning.

The same men who “love” Asian women (as a last resort on their masculinity) more often than not severely hate Asian men – because of their insecurity and desire to be “better” than someone, despite being, generally, physically unattractive, as Cenk is.

The reality is that these men do not like Asian women, but yearn for non-Asian women, but use Asian women for “easy companionship” when other women reject them; and so they are perpetually bitter, and especially bitter at Asian men and non Asian women.

Male insecurity is founded around the idea that despite being rejected by attractive women – his first prize, Asian women will throw themselves at him, because he is, no matter what, better than an Asian male.

This is so common it could be called the norm – the overwhelming majority of men who seek out Asian women do so as a way to affirm masculine power, and so have a form of “racist tourettes”, wherein they cannot stop saying horrific things about women, and Asian men.

Millions of Asian looking, half-Asian children are ignored, raised by cruel, racist, vindictive, and bitter non-Asian fathers, and Asian mothers desperate to feel beautiful and powerful – at the expense of anyone who looks Asian.

Having a “preference” for Asian women is more often than not hand in hand with hateful views towards women for rejecting them because of their male looks.

That means that the most hateful men on the planet target Asian women as a way to feel big.

There are millions of these children being raised in the United States; half-Asians with hateful, bigoted non-Asian fathers who used Asian women as a way to feel powerful, after non-Asian women reject them.

In an article supposedly about suicide also written in 2002, he even inserted a diss against Asian men while advising overweight or unattractive men to seek Japanese women, who he believes will easily sleep with American men.

“Every American is John Wayne to a Japanese girl who needs a new purse, a grammar lesson in English and a decent sized penis for a change,” Uygur wrote.

He also wrote a column in 2003, describing an incident at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana where he kissed over 23 different women, saw and felt countless breastswhile intoxicated.

Another post, written by “The Young Turks” co-founder David Koller in 2004, described the teenage girls that he and Uygur met near a gas station in Pennsylvania as whores in training, literally looking for boys to pick them up.

Cenk also displays the narcissism of many non-Asian men that seek out Asian women as a way to get back at the world – by naming his son Prometheus Maximius; a similar pattern could be seen in Mark Zuckerberg, who with his Asian wife, named his child in a desperate attempt to demonstrate a sense of power over others, using his Asian partner as a method to reestablish superiority over people that rejected him for his looks, and believing that all of his gripes with the world have been solved with a magical, anti-feminist Asian wife.