Proving once again the the worst, most vile, most low status, hateful, bitter, and unattractive white men target Asian women as a form of “revenge” and “masculinity by proxy,” and that in the background, half-Asian sons of racist, sexist, vitriolic white men are coming of age. 

Certain white men use their self-comparison to Asian men as a means to self-validate, whereas, if low status white men feel disenfranchised by white society – due to the fact that they are unattractive, autistic, or anti-social, will use Asian women as a way to feel “big.” When these white men are subjected to the nagging, offensive behavior of Asian women, and are put in close proximity to Asian men, and lose their privileges due to having to work and live around Asians, they oftentimes become more vitriolic and racist; similar to what my Holocaust denying white father did, who became more involved with conspiracy theories later in life, as he sought to wrest some control out of a situation dominated by a mentally ill Asian wife.

Their children, are in turn raised in Western society, deal with racism from their fathers, as well as inheriting massive mental illnesses from both their father, and mother.

/u/JimCanuck, in this case, is a prime example due to his repeated harassment of /r/Hapas, of the kind of malignant father to half Asian children that is unique to the demographic.

/u/JimCanuck, a poster who initially exiled from /r/hapas, a forum for the children of racist white men and Asian women, found refuge in an alternative sub for Hapas – which instead became a subreddit for Hapa fathers, all of whom had horrific views on race and gender. This particular poster routinely disparaged /r/Hapas, while covering up his history of frequenting Asian prostitutes, posting on a subreddit called /r/incels, having extreme views on Western women, and Asian men.

Examples of his posts.



  • Makes a post on /r/theredpill bragging about making eye contact with an Asian woman, and expresses his hatred toward Asian males.  


An Asian girl walked by, perhaps 8/10. Straight for me to ask for directions. I gave them to her, without caring that she was trying to get my attention. In the background, the guy was getting upset, kicking snow harder, because she walked right by him to talk to me.
She asked “So where are you heading to?”, and I told her I was waiting for my wife. She said “Oh okay, thank you” as she walked off.
By this time, the Asian guy was completely spiteful of the situation, threw nearly half a cigarette to the ground and stormed off.
  • Boasts about how Asian women only date white men, while denying that his son looks 100% Asian. Archive here.


Realizes that his son looks 100% Asian.


Expresses his distaste of white women, and feminism. Archive here.


More posts mocking Asian men, despite having an Asian son.

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/u/JimCanuck posting about his wife’s infidelity – proving that many Asian women are unattracted to the low status white men they marry, causing the men to become more and more outspoken and vile.