As I said, it’s only a matter of time before some white man with an Asian fetish gets caught doing something horrible and violent – even against a half-Asian man who he mistakes for fully Asian. White racist men have no contradiction pursuing Asian women as an expression of White male supremacy against White feminism, “mudsharks,” and liberalism.


White men use Asian women as the last bastion for their racist white male egos.


When confronted with liberalism and change, White racist men fantasize about “taking the power back” with Asian women – who make them feel unapologetic about being white, and provide a vision of chaste, clean, friendly, family oriented women that will not sleep with or associate with black men. 

A perfect opportunity for disenfranchised white men to feel valuable, and as if there was “hope” for white society and its maligned white men, in the arms of Asian women, who they stereotype as “loyal,” and “chaste.”

What happens to half-Asian children will be incredibly interesting, but probably not the most pleasant.

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