This type of behavior is extremely common, happening essentially among all white fathers with Asian wives, who use Asian women as a way to “feel big” over Asian men, yet raise Asian sons.

In a strange form of Tourette’s, it seems as though the men who pursue Asian women as a last resort on masculinity have only negative and grating things to say about Asian men, in a desperate attempt to destroy the only competition that they have for the bottom rung of society.

Why does it seem so common that white men who “like” Asian women are generally very, very hostile and unpleasant people – and what does this mean for their children in the future?

Half-Asian children are used as weapons for their alt-right, anti-feminist white fathers who are looking to reclaim power from white women who reject them for being bald, unattractive, or having terrible personalities and repulsive politics. They deliberately seek out Asian women as a way to escape the judgment of white women, as well as a way to maintain a sense of purpose, masculinity, and relevance in the face of liberalism and change. It is no surprise to see white men use their half-Asian sons as a punchline for their own egos; what will happen to these children when they reach maturity, having been raised by white, anti-feminist, racist white fathers who only use their mothers as a cheap means to an end to manifest their own racism that white women do not permit, working around the clock with their self-hating, status-obsessed, asexual Asian wives to ensure that the world left to their Asian sons and daughters is worse than before?

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Divorced White Dad uses his Half East Asian son as a tool to hit on Asian women, while also putting down Asian men to them.

Wow cool story time guys, I work retail and today while I was working I was helping a white guy and his mixed race son and after I help them the man says, “Are you Chinese?”, and at first I’m charitable because he has a half east Asian son and maybe he needed something important so i say “Yes, i’m half.” To which is replies, “My ex-wife was Chinese.” uh oh big red flag, “Oh that’s nice.”  “Have you ever been to China?” “Yes to Hong Kong.” “You’re quite tall.” “Yeah, while I was in Hong Kong that’s what my relatives kept saying.” “You know if you were shorter I’d ask you out on a date.” ABORT ABORT ABORT. “Ha ha ha.” and then i shy away slowly and tell him I’ve got to get back to work. Later on he finds me again, leaving his son behind somewhere, and tells me that he’s been to Shanghai and Tokyo, he tells me he loves Chinese women, he tells me that Asian people are so different and exotic, he tells me that when he was in Japan he heard of subway trains that only held women and chucked when he said that all Asian men are perverts, he told me he loves Asia, he told me when his son was born he was 11 pounds and that his son loves hockey (as if his half Chinese son liking hockey was strange because he was Asian and Asians don’t like that sort of stuff). He kept hitting on me, asking me where i went to school and what I’m going to do later on, he tells me to “have fun” with my life and leaves as if he didn’t just spew a bunch of fetishistic, racist shit at me, well I understand why his wife left him now. And this is why when people tell me interracial marriages stop racism I laugh in their face, because they don’t. This guy married a Chinese woman and had a child with her and continues to objectify Chinese women, Chinese people and East Asian people. These people treat us like others, like exotic creatures, like all East Asians are the same. They fetishize us, tell us to “love them long time”, they say they love us but what they really love is how they can orientalisize us, how they can mold our culture to suit their racist ideas, they love the idea of having a “Asian wife” someone who is subservient and sexual, a character that only exists for their fantasies, someone who lives only for them. Interracial marriage won’t solve anything because these people don’t want a spouse, they want an animal they can put on display and parade around.