Random Yoko, a Trump supporting Japanese nationalist, makes her one of multiple Asian women – the only minority women to ever appear on Red Ice Radio.

This is not the first time an Asian woman has appeared; the other examples can be seen below.

Half Asians need to be a special consideration.

Appearing as a couple to discuss Russian nationalism.



LANA: Another thing, I see a trend that I wanna know what your opinion is. A lot of white guys in the West, they complain about (y’know) “feminist women” and so they’re dating a lot more Asian girls. Like, if you go to San Francisco, it’s like all white guys and Asian girls – I’m serious. What do you think of that trend?

YOKO: Well, I mean, uh, I used to like white guys too… So I dunno, it’s sad because people are being stereotypical, y’know, you shouldn’t judge people by their race or the way they look, I dunno how to put it well…

LANA: And then of course us as nationalists, we’re like “No!” They should be having (y’know) Japanese babies, or they should be having European babies, they should be preserving those things, I think (y’know). Ugh.

YOKO: It’s kinda problematic, but at the same time (y’know), those white guys who go for Asian girls and vice-versa, they are just similar, so they can just be together and enjoy themselves, I guess.

LANA: Yeah, it’s true, I think there’s always been a small percentage of the population, that go with people of other races, I think that that’s always gonna happen. I think nowadays though the West is kinda different because we’re getting programmed that it’s better if we do that, like it’s better if (y’know) you as a white person get with someone who isn’t white, (y’know), “Do it for world peace,” (y’know). We hear that kinda stuff, it’s ridiculous…

YOKO: Ridiculous…

LANA: Ugh. [Drops subject]