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Many half-Asians look fully Asian, which makes it incredibly difficult for half-Asians that come from fetishistic, low effort marriages between self-hating Asian women and unattractive, racist, opportunistic white men seeking an escape from white feminism.

Pom Klementieff was born in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, to a Korean mother and French-Russian father, who was working there as a consul with the French government.[3][4] Her parents chose the name “Pom” because it is similar in pronunciation to the Korean words for both “spring” () and “tiger” ().[4] Klementieff lived in Canada for one year before her family traveled extensively due to her father’s job.[5] They lived in Japan and the Ivory Coast, before settling in France. Klementieff later said that travelling at an early age gave her a “gypsy soul”.[4][5]

Klementieff’s father died of cancer when she was 5, and her mother had schizophrenia and was unable to care for children,[4] so Klementieff was raised by her paternal uncle and aunt.[3] Her uncle, whom she described as “like [her] second father”, died on her 18th birthday.[4] Klementieff briefly attended law school after her uncle’s death to appease her aunt but did not find the career path appealing. She also worked as a waitress and saleswoman in France.[4] She started acting at age 19 at the Cours Florent drama school in Paris. A few months into her education, she won a theater competition that awarded her free classes for two years with the school’s top teachers.[5]

Her brother committed suicide.

Drax the destroyer is played by Dave Batista, a half-Asian with an Asian father and White mother.


Strangely enough, he spends much of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 insulting Mantis’ character for being unattractive, and stupid.