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5ft6 white guy here. Life definitely sucks at this height however I am not a virgin, have also dated 2 amazing girls. I target Asian girls and it seems to work but even they deep down did not like that I am short. I have a very engaging and fun personality which builds a deep connection with a girl. They admitted they love my personality but do not find me attractive.

What’s worse is that I stunted my growth as a kid. I did not eat until evening and slept 4 hours a day. Haven’t grown since age 12. Biggest regret of my life.

The realization that many Asian women have when they learn that the only white men that they can get are those rejected by white women, despite desperately wanting to feel cool and to fit in with Western society and feel as beautiful as white women – causes many of them to become miserable within their marriages.

Original link to his post history here, filled with pro-white comments, Donald Trump support, and other comments about Asian women.