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c9d7ec2f707513b50766d197a8737890.pngWhite conspiracy theorists usually cannot get White women, but blame feminism. This does not mean that they are less racist or pro-American, but merely that they cannot attract White women, who they view as traitors who embrace the “new world order”, but Asian women as pleasant, submissive, family-oriented substitutes. 

People are ignoring this, that these violent White men fetishize Asian women as a way to “take back” the power from Jews (or as Kevin wrote: globalists) – which I am familiar enough with my anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi father to know that this implies Jews.



They go for Asian women as a way of fighting back against “feminism” and “mudsharks.”

Ultimately, what happens is that many of these men still feel unfulfilled, because differences in Asian culture – as well as angry, nagging Asian wives who are disappointed by the poverty in the United States as well as a loser husband who does not fit with the Hollywood ideal – causes the white man to snap and become violent, especially with a sexless marriage.

Poor children.

You’ve been warned.

This is a real thing, and it’s worldwide.