No other mixed race couple is based on so much utter casual racism – which is why Half-Asians like Elliot Rodger oftentimes had such intense self-hatred that bordered on violent, in which he was extremely shamed of his heritage and relied heavily on mixed-race myths to help his self esteem. Many half-Asians are deeply troubled by not only the racism they receive, but the complete lack of support and stereotypical self-hating mother and racist, opportunistic white father – many of whom divorce shortly after childbirth due to the realities of raising an Asian looking child.

Obviously, Mr. Boydstun, being an average looking, shorter than average, white male relies on Ms. Nguyen’s self-hatred to boost his “white pride,” proving again that Half-Asian men are very high risk, since many of us identify fully as Asian and deal with incredible racism in every walk of life – but mostly from white men who like Asian women out of insecurity and a need to feel big.

The irony here is that Half-Asian men are raised by white men and Asian women who hate Asian men the most, both out of incredible insecurity (the Asian woman wants to feel beautiful, and the white man wants to feel big), meaning that half-Asians are high risk by default, since the overwhelming majority, whether they admit it or not, are identified as Asian by society at large – and half-Asian psychology generally follows this pattern, creating children with bizarre senses of self-worth, ranging from outright self-hating, to white supremacist and conservative (to follow in their racist father’s footsteps), to being overly proud of their Half-Asianness despite there being empirical proof that Half-Asians have ever accomplished anything.


The average half-Asian looks predominantly Asian when grows up, yet is raised by a white supremacist father who mocks Asians, and an Asian woman who hates herself.