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White woman:
>Will instill leftism into your children
>Will coddle and baby your children, turning them into short statured sensitive feminist soyboys who are unfit for the real world
>Will fuck negro and shitskin christians behind your back
>Will wait until she’s in her late 20’s to marry
>Will wait until she’s in her 30’s to have a baby (which means your child will likely have a developmental disorder)
>Will probably only want one child
>Will likely not give a fuck about you or your children, will instead focus on her career

East Asian Woman:
>Will instill family values and traditions into your children
>Will teach your son how to act like a proper man
>Will discipline and prepare your children for the real world
>Will want to marry before she reaches 25
>Will want kids before she reaches 25
>Will want multiple kids
>Will make your family her first priority and become a stay-at-home mom if you want her to be