Unfortunately, many racist white men rely on Asian women in order to validate white maleness in the face of feminism, change, progress, and what they perceive as “anti-Whiteness.” Many half-Asian children are in turn raised as replacement whites for their parents’ whims, but many, if not most, fail to attain this goal, and develop grating, and deeply racist personalities as a result.

Note how the father below hopes his daughter looks white (a very egregious step for raising mixed race children, who oftentimes look more Asian as they grow up and are unprepared for racism), as well as being fully in support of “ethnostates,” despite his daughter being mixed.

As said before, many Half-Asians grow up to become de-factor white supremacists, as was Daniel Holtzclaw, Elliot Rodger, and Roaming Millenial, who were, essentially, confused about their place in a society that is indeed white supremacist, while Asianness was itself looked down on and viewed as foreign. This does not preclude the fact that many White men are sexually attracted to Asian women as way to find companionship – when White women are seen as too feminist or slutty.

What this means is that many Half-Asians, not quite white, and still appearing clearly non-White, are raised to believe that integration into Whiteness is their premium goal, as opposed to Asianness, which is ripe with fetishism of the women, and negative perception for the men.