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Racist white men who specifically fetishize Asian women as a traditional, pro-white alternative to “traitorous” White women, create confused children who will desperately attempt to prove their whiteness, as well as prove the validity of right-wing belief systems, the same as what their fathers harbored while married to “chaste,” “family oriented” women of color, that they viewed as “honorary Aryans” (obviously which doesn’t apply to Asian men, but only the women). Moreover, many half-Asian men will attempt to emulate the masculine ideals of their white fathers, fully aware that the masculine image of Asain men is naught.

Since the alt-right and right-wing movements cannot decide whether they want to include Asians (or Asian women, mostly) in their ethnostate, nor are they able to deny their lust for “good hearted” Asian women, we will be seeing more and more chaos driven by the sexual frustration and confusion of both white right wingers who toy with white nationalism while raising half-Asian children, as well as half-Asian children frantically trying to prove they belong in a growing right wing system the harshly penalizes their Asianness. 

It may seem confusing, but it’s fairly easy to understand once you just boil it down to sexual insecurity among white men, and their inability to rationalize their lust for both white women AND Asian women, with their desire to be top dogs. Merely because a White man desires an Asian woman does not imply in any way shape or form that he understands the plight of people of color; add to this that the White men who seek out Asian women wish to impede people of color – and you have a disaster, such as Elliot Rodger.

The children of racist white men AND racist Asian women will be desperate to prove their Whiteness against the universal negativity of Asianness – with disastrous results, since Whiteness operates on the principle of purity, and under the harshly racist world that White men with yellow fever operate in – anything mixed is not white.


Gibson resides in Vancouver, Washington.[6] He was born in Camas, Washington, and is of Irish and Japanese descent.[7][8]

Gibson describes himself politically as a “moderate libertarian“,[9][10] but his organization has been described in the media as “alt-right“.[11][12] Gibson denies that his group is alt-right, and has disavowed white supremacists who frequently appear at his events.[13][14][15][16][17]

Gibson supports a pathway to citizenship for non-criminal illegal immigrants. He supports decriminalization of marijuana, and same-sex marriage.[18] Gibson advocates for establishment of term limits for the U.S. Congress, implementation of a national sales tax, and abolition of the Internal Revenue Service.[19] He opposes what he describes as undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry on healthcare in the United States.[14]

During a March 2018 campaign rally in Spokane Valley, Washington, Gibson expressed opposition to Antifa, a group that frequently protests at his events, and said regarding white nationalists, “I would say the same thing to them that I would say to any black nationalist or Mexican nationalists [sic] group, we have to drop the identity of politics and focus on what is on the inside.”[20] He has said freedom of speech is a central element to his platform. Gibson’s views have been described as “a complicated muddle” by The Inlander and “basically Alex Jones meets Bernie Sanders” by The Stranger.[21]


Gibson’s political activity is frequently met with criticism. Many members of Patriot Prayer are referred to as being white supremacists.[22] Nine days after a Patriot Prayer-aligned protester allegedly stabbed three men on the Portland transit system, TriMet, Gibson hosted a rally met by thousands of counter-protesters.[23] The Proud Boys, a right-wing male fraternity,[24] have also been present at several of his events.[25][26][27] Gibson has also drawn internal criticism from his habit of using violence against members of his own organization after consuming alcohol.[28]

What’s happening now is that the right wing are pretty much fragmenting and in total chaos because they can’t decide whether they want an ethnostate, a right-wing state based on white male hegemony, or whether they should be more tolerant of white men with ethnic women and mixed race kids. You have major overlap between these anarcho-capitalists, Patriots, alt-right, Neo-Nazis, but they just can’t even decide if they want an ethno state, or civic nationalism; all of it makes no sense.

But the problem is then you get mixed race kids like George Zimmerman and Joey Gibson who look pretty damn non-white, trying to prove they’re part of this whole right wing agenda.

It’s a shit show, but it’s fairly easy to understand once you just boil it down to sexual insecurity among white men, and their inability to rationalize their lust for pussy, with their desire to be top dogs.

Essentially, it’s just men who just have trouble getting laid.