I will not cite this article because much of this can be found merely by Googling Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, which reiterates many of his points about race, in which he firmly and proudly declares himself to be a racist. Elliot’s parents represented the typical MRA / MGTOW / racist white man and self-hating Asian woman who sought to escape her Asian appearance while assuming that half-Asian men would properly adjust to an extremely racist world.

A simple way to think about it is that his parents hated both White women and Asian men; so Elliot also hated White women and Asian men. Another way to think about it is that self-hatred is not cure during  interracial marriage, but merely passed on, especially if the parents harbor racist views.

His mother hated Asian men; his father probably hated them as well, as a result of them being “lower” on the hierarchy than he was, an unattractive white man, whose only option was Asian women with lower standards.

His father hated White women; many MGTOWS and MRAS and alt-right types (see Andrew Anglin) absolutely hate White women due to their “feminism” and  behavior (e.g., sleeping with black men). Obviously, his mother probably hated them as well, out of jealousy, perhaps, but moreso due to microaggressions due to her toxicity. His father also, in all likelihood, hated black men, due to their perceived sexual success with white women. A large part of white male angst is due to the feeling that they are not “good enough” compared to more masculine ethnic men, so they turn to Asian women as a replacement.

Half-Asian looks can change with time, with many becoming less white, or less Asian, over time; as long as Asianness remains a negative in the parents’ mind, and whiteness the ideal – will shape the mental health of the children, regardless of how they look – because on a global scale, Asianness is hated.

While Asian people – as foolish as they are – assume that Elliot was white, Asian people naively, for whatever reason, are unable to conceptualize the depth of American racism, largely because Asian people have a pragmatist culture that does not encourage self-reflection in the face of hardship.

So, for all intents and purposes, Elliot Rodger was an Asian male raised by a self-hating mother as well as an MGTOW / MRA with multiple foreign wives; and since America and the West looks down on any percentage of Asian blood as a negative, Elliot knew that his Asian blood was also a horrific negative, because Asian men in particular have zero media representation, horrible reception by many women, as well as by his own mother and hundreds of thousands like her. The paranoia of being “discovered” to be of Asian heritage led to his projected hatred of Asians – who he might have blamed for his low status with women, but moreso we can assume that his “ambiguous” appearance while having a white father, and Asian mother who told him he was white, probably made him even more anxious.

Again, many half-Asians will implode as a result of being treated as Asian, despite having a non-Asian father; and when you combine this with a racist MGTOW who uses Asian women as “revenge” against Western women and “mudsharks” and feminists, it is disastrous for an Asian child’s mind, since he knows he is not white, society reminds him he is not white, but his own parents instill racism in him.

(I would say that many Asian men and Half-Asian men that look more Asian are probably better adjusted, ironically, due to two factors: 1) not being delusional about their whiteness, and 2) understanding that the behavior of some Asian women victimizes others more than it does them, and so they can ignore it)

This is a natural result of poor parenting of the parents to instill pride in their Asian appearance; and since many Asian people severely hate themselves and think that white features are superior, it is no surprise that many half-Asians also severely hate themselves due to the fact that they are, well, not white. This psychological element could even apply to women such as Roaming Millenial, whose father is Asian.

Elliot repeatedly made references to being a “beautiful Eurasian,” while also making repeated comments about the lesser nature of blacks, Asians, and other minority groups.

He also explicitly targeted blonde white women, as well as Asian men, killing by knife three of his fully Asian roommates; knife killings are generally the most “passionate” and intimate ways of killing or attacking an individual, representing Elliot’s immense anger at Asian men.

Generally, what happens with Half-Asians regardless of the quality of their parenting, is that many go through stages of self-hatred, due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of us have Asian mothers, and never Asian fathers. Growing up in Western countries where Asianness is mocked – and Asian men are routinely and adamantly demeaned by the media, as well as by Asian women and White men who like them – obviously, for a child like Elliot, the idea of identification as an Asian person was horrific.

Since many of our mothers emphasize our white features, as well as hyping up our “beauty” (which more often than not is false, due to the fact that many of us have below average parents), many Half-Asians such as Elliot are raised with an extreme entitlement that does not match the harsh reality of the world, in which individuals are judged on their accomplishments and personality, rather than their appearance.

Moreover, many Half-Asians harshly dislike their dark features (hence Elliot was dyeing his hair at a young age, begging his mother to allow him to, which she did; he dyed his hair blond), because they represent the reminder that Half-Asians are in fact Asian, which is a universal negative, especially when it comes to men.

People will generally remind Half-Asians of their Asianness, regardless of how we look, and since Asianness is considered ugly, many Half-Asians exist in a perpetual dislike for their Asian features, and will judge themselves and each other on how non-Asian they look, because our mothers were firm in their belief that Asianness was ugly.

Children like Elliot Rodger were never truly able to come to terms with their Asian side, because there was no equal balance between white and Asian; the Asian was inferior, and the white was superior, with the emasculation and degradation of Asian men being a constant reminder to Elliot that he had to consistently attempt to separate himself from Asianness. Most white people do not regard half-Asians as remotely white, and will use our Asianness against us; and since our mothers explicitly believed Asianness was bad, many Half-Asians will spend their entire lives trying as hard as they can not to be Asian, until they are reminded that they, in fact, are.

This is primarily the reason why Elliot massacred Asian males – their existence reminded him of his own failure, and desperately attempting to bully someone he viewed as beneath him – he would attack Asian male / white female couples, as well as attacking black male / white female couples (which he referred to as the “descendants of slaves.”)

He also explicitly wanted white, blonde women. This is curious because it represents his entitlement to what he viewed as the “best.” Of course, like many Eurasians, he did not like Asian women because he thought they represent a sexual failure, and because he was afraid of his Asian heritage; an Asian woman necessarily implied that he was Asian himself and that his potential offspring would be Asian, something he himself could not come to terms.

Elliot’s father, of course, was a variant of an MGTOW or an MRA. Not particularly good looking, but wealthy and successful enough to attract foreign women. Both his ex-wife, Li Chin, as well as the second wife, were foreign born women; the latter is Moroccan. Many white men fetishize foreign women as being more “submissive” than white American women, and so necessarily Elliot inherited his entitlement and racism (which his white father probably himself was as well, regardless of his interracial marriages).

There are probably a couple million biracial Asian children being raised in the Western world, as we speak, almost all of them having Asian mothers who believed that integration with White (and only White) men will lead to “white” children that will be accepted into the Western world.

These same children have fathers who use Asian women as “revenge” against Westernized women, particularly because they view Asian women as more malleable, traditional, family oriented, kinder, sweeter, chaste, or anything else.

Both their parents raise their children to be white, with the delusional and dangerous belief that children like Elliot Rodger will be accepted into the White western world, despite the fact that Asians only share skin color with whites, rather than similar bone structure; regardless, the combination of a self-hating, miserable Asian mother who is raising her child not out of love, but out of a desperate attempt to attain status and a comfortable western integration, and a white father who uses his Half-Asian child as a weapon against feminists, blacks, and white women – the child will have issues, to various extents. 

In summary:

Many half-Asians understand at a core level, thanks to their parents, that being Asian is a horrific race, such that even the worst, most repugnant white man is a better pick; and since repugnant white men go for Asian women as a last pick – because they mistake Asian women’s self-hatred and cultural asexuality as being some form of “chastity” or “purity,” many, many Half-Asians are highly volatile, especially the men.

What we will see is more and more:

  • Half Asian implosions due to being seen and mocked for being Asian, despite “feeling” white
  • Half Asian involvement in white supremacist organizations
  • Bizarre, outlandish Half-Asian behavior as a result of the strange dynamic of a racist white man and a controlling, sad, pragmatist Asian mother who wanted to integrate and escape her features, which in her mind, were ugly.
Half Asians can be high risk being raised by a white father and Asian mother that harbor racist views about Asians in general - whether they admit it or not.
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