His website, oppressioncheck.com

His video, where he mocked liberal movements that seek to end discrimination.

Many Half-Asians come from conservative White fathers and Asian mothers who seek to integrate, and as a result of their deep seated insecurity. develop an anti-leftist belief system in order to feel as if they both belong in Western society during a time of political upheaval, as well as representing their desire to fulfill their father’s anti-feminist, anti-leftist desires in finding a submissive, traditional, family oriented Asian wife.

Half-Asian men may sometimes use their Half-Asianness as “proof” that their parents made the right choice in fighting degeneracy (specifically when it comes to black men and white women), and will in turn use their half-Asianness as a weaponized form of “I’m not racist, my mother is Asian,” while justifying racism against other POC.