Nick Folkes is an Australian “Stop White Genocide” campaigner, and arguably a white nationalist. In the pictures below, we can see Nick Folkes is against Islam, Chinese people, and multiculturalism.

With one exception.

Nick Folkes’ ex-wife is Japanese and his children half-Japanese.

It makes perfect sense;

Many white men that are white supremacists strongly resent white women for being liberal, feminist, and sleeping with men of color. Asian women are seen as more traditional, easy to control, and more supportive of white men.

The problem is their children still look Asian and have to live in the nightmare scenario of a racist white father who feels that multiculturalism is wrong, but can only get Asian women as partners. My father is a similar case; an adamant Holocaust denier, anti-feminist, extreme anti-Semite who attempted to get my mother to stop watching “Jewish propaganda” (Schindler’s List), and stayed up all night on the couch (because my mother forced him) listening to Neo-Nazi, conspiracy theorist HAM radio. 

Men have no qualms about interracial dating as long as the woman is supportive of them, the white man.

Folkes’ ex-wife is Japanese, not atypical for many maladjusted white supremacists whose world view does not fit with the modern era, and relies heavily on white privilege in finding a partner who will tolerate him for his behavior as long as he is white.

Japanese women are seen as “almost white,” coming from traditional, family oriented, clean, malleable and honorable cultures – which many White supremacists view White modern culture as lacking.

Many White supremacist men, feeling intimidated by the liberation of white women, some of whom choose men of color as partners, instead choose Asian women on the basis that Asian women “prefer” white men over blacks, darker skinned men.

East Asian women are seen as chaste, traditional, loyal, family-oriented, something which many white supremacists idealize in white women, but cannot find, due to white women rejecting them because, ironically, they are racist.

An interview with him in an article by, his political beliefs are described with:

“I know it’s a very controversial thing to say, but Islam isn’t compatible with our way of life,” he says, seated at his desk beside the coffin. On the desk is a copy of the Qu’ran annotated with sticky notes and a stack of anti-Islam Cronulla rally flyers.”

Folkes’ mum immigrated to Australia in the 1950s from Russia. He says his supporters tend to be other second-generation European immigrants as well as young men who feel left out and frustrated. As an Australian-born white male, he feels forgotten. He sees his legal battles – the injunction and the vilification charge – as evidence of Muslim “privilege”. 

Given his sense of alienation from the state, it is easy to see why he would be drawn to the spectacle of white male vigilantism at Cronulla 10 years ago. It is easy to see how a legal injunction and a racial vilification conviction would only deepen this alienation. And why he would start a party. The party needs 550 members before it can be registered and field senate candidates.

A very detailed description of Folkes from a website called “Anti Fascist Action Sydney” (Archived post about Folkes here), describes him as:

Its never been much of a secret that Folkes has held strong white supremacist views. I guess it has been overlooked by people within his own movement on account of his support for Israel and allowance of European zionists into his party. But in reality, there really isn’t much separating this weasel from the “Nazis” he claims to detest so much. See above, Nick and his pet elephant are proudly displaying a confederate flag, a symbol for those who fought in the American Civil War for the right to own slaves. The symbol today is used by those that wish to emulate this racist history, claimed by groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the global neo Nazi movement. I guess this doesn’t bother Nick too much.

Some of the things he has done, as described by several Australian news outlets:

  • Storming a church in Muslim garb the latest stunt of Party for Freedom’s Nick Folkes.”

(August 15th, 2016, the Sydney Morning Herald)

(, December 10th, 2015).

  • A description of Folkes’ hate group, “The Party for Freedom” (tagline: “Make Australia Great Again), seen here.
  • A humorous montage of his activities as well as a picture of his family can be seen above.