White Supremacy is based on the idea that White men are supreme.

White Supremacy also values women being traditional and helping to maintain a civilization that is orderly, clean, and pure, where women won’t sleep around and will remain chaste, and pleasant. White women are seen as “corrupted” by Jews and black men. Asian women seen as being family oriented, more “traditional” and less prone to being superficial sluts who will appreciate “traditional gender roles” and be submissive in the minds of white men.

Just ask any white guy why he likes Asian women and his response will be the same.

Asian women are seen as chaste, pleasant, and averse to sleeping with blacks (the white man’s biggest fear).

Asian civilizations are seen as clean, traditional, honorable, non-multicultural, and family oriented, unlike more “savage” dark skinned people.

A white man can have hostile, anti-social, white supremacist beliefs, and be single.

Or he can “have fun ” with a “good, traditional, easy to predict” Asian woman who appreciates him for his white appearance, and help him to feel powerful against the tides of change.

There is a reason why half-Asians have an almost obsessive preoccupation with their mixed heritage, while no other mixed race does; the reason is largely because of the insecurity of belonging to such a stereotypical relationship based on such negative factors (I.e., that Asianness is bad except when it involves sex with an Asian woman), whereby half Asians will attempt to justify it through excessive celebration.

This is why half-Asians desperately attempt to “fit in” with Whites, while avoiding their Asian heritage, and Asian women are happy to encourage their biracial children to avoid their Asian side, and identify as White to fulfill the American dream.

Hence Daniel Holtzclaw’s “how does that white dick taste” rape spree on black women.

Time will tell where this all leads. No other mixed race people have such lopsided and loaded factors involved. Essentially the fact that almost every half Asian has a white Dad and Asian mom is a clear expression of the worthlessness of Asian blood, except when it is used to reaffirm a white man’s desire to escape “bad” white women that are corrupted by Jews and blacks.

What happens when half Asians just look Asian? What happens when the integration plan fails? What happens when white supremacists turn to Asian women to create a new, more violent, more oppressive state, and their children – who primarily don’t look white – are subjected to the same violence that our parents themselves seek to enforce?