In an age of progress, White men looking to “take back” the power from liberals and blacks – especially blacks, as they feel blacks are the forefront of the movement, as well as representing the threat of black men and white women – will marry Asian women in order to feel in control.

Since Asian women are thought to be more “traditional,” “family oriented,” “chaste,” “conservative,” and come from a noble, family-oriented, clean, well-organized, and relatively “stable” culture, many White men will pursue Asian women (and only Asian women) with the intent of having a stable, traditional family structure as a response to what they view as degeneracy caused by blacks, people of color, and Jews.

The children?

Well, since most of them identify as Asian, are mocked by society, and are being raised by white supremacists who want their country to be white supremacist again, and since the West by and large hates Asian people (except for the women) – well, I’m not entirely sure what the hell is going to happen.

We have literally an entire generation of Asian men being raised by racist, anti-black white men who targeted their low-self-esteem Asian mothers who also hate Asian men and want to integrate into the West and feel powerful, because being Asian is so bad, that the worst White supremacist trash is a better pick than a fellow Asian.

Elliot Rodger, I guess.

Let me put it simpler:

“I’m a white man, Collin Rugg. I feel threatened that my white privilege is going away. I will marry a woman that appreciates a good, strong, noble white man and doesn’t buy into feminism, black-worship or degeneracy. She just happens to be Asian. My kids be damned!”