Disturbing that many of these men do wind up creating children that identify as Asian, and are subject to their parents’ racism, simply because Asian women are so desperate for status and to feel more powerful and beautiful than the white majority – that they will willfully allow this disgusting fetishism and race based hatred.

Asian culture highly values integration, assimilation, and marriage (without love) for success and status, whereby a sexless marriage to racist, unattractive white men is seen as an accomplishment, rather than a negative; obviously the Asian looking children will reflect this innately Asian self-hatred, since many just look Asian and average, rather than fulfilling a more Eurocentric, movie star ideal (especially since many of our parents are ugly and rejected).

One of the many examples of this., from Reddit’s new incel forum.

Note how many of these people merely “hope” that their children look like Kristen Kreuk, who seems to be the only example of successful Hapas that racist white men and Asian women are able to list, proving that:

  1. They want their children to tend more on the white side
  2. They hope for daughters, rather than sons, who suffer from the same racism against Asian males

This is explicit and specific with regards to Asian women, as opposed to any other race, with Asian women, in particular, being seen as “pure,” White women as whores, and Asian men as ugly and undesirable – meaning that the children will be incredibly confused, and God forbid, the sons in particular subject to intense gendered racism that has no use for Asian looking males, only the women, who serve the purpose of reaffirming white supremacy.

You’ve been warned!