Below is a fairly typical view into the hatred that desperate, entitled White men feel when pursuing Asian women

– an utter sense of failure, and a desire to maximize on their whiteness in their last ditch effort to negotiate a relationship with their Whiteness as a bargaining chip.

Many White men pursue Asian women as a last choice to maximize on Whiteness – and so many of the men with “yellow fever” are extreme racists not only against blacks, white western women, and other minorities – but against Asians.

Racist white men’s “interest” in Asian women largely stems from their desire to “feel big” for being white and a desire to find a woman who “appreciates” Whiteness when White women will not –


necessarily, the same white men who like Asian women also very much hate Asian men, who they feel as being so far beneath them that Asian women are easily obainable. It is extremely common for white men raising Asian sons to be extremely racist against Asian men, as a way to feel powerful, and as a way to justify having an Asian wife (who they view as a last choice for a desperate White man).

These same men savagely hate seeing Asian men and White women – because they view Asian men as beneath them, and view White women as the real prize, and Asian women merely a “tradtional, white skinned” replacement.

You’ve been warned!

Keep in mind that Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and an Asian woman, deliberately targeted Asian men and White women – and was spurred into action by the sight of White women and Asian and Indian (and in one case, black) men.

A full transcript of the text, from a Facebook post, is below:

I was recently discussing why I don’t really connect with Taiwanese girls on an emotional or intellectual level. I said, “I think it’s a class thing.”

I made the point that I did eveything basically on my own in life. I made a huge sacrifice to come to Asia and if I wasn’t here I’d likely be smoking meth in a trailer right now.

So I find quite hard to relate to the English speaking population here who has had the vast majority of what they’ve done in life funded by their parents. This is what my friend said in reply:

“Looking good takes a lot of money. And being to speak English fluently takes a lot of money too because of the education in taiwan [sic]. If you see a girl under 30 years old who’s good looking/hot and is able to speak english; chances are her parents had to spend a lot of money on her to make her what she is today.”

Which essentially translate to “I’d rather settle for a Taiwanese guy with money than go for a Foreigner.”

Even though I am a tall, handsome white guy. They seem to be unable for whatever reason maybe it’s cultural to approach white men. It is lack of critical thinking on their part?


“The sad thing is that I’ve even seen white women in Taiwan with local guys. Not many but still more than there should be.”


I’m curious to know your thoughts….

How much does class play a role in your relationships?

How important is that your partner come from a similar background?

Am I just making up stupid reasons and excuses here?

Seems the quick and easy answer might be, “Then become fluent in Chinese or just go home asshole.”

But I’m not sure…

This mentality is very common among the white fathers of biracial Asian sons.