Exactly why would a half-Asian person be okay with this kind of constant, insane belief system based on mutual fetishism?

White men fetishize Asian women simply because Asian women are seen as clean, traditional, family oriented alternatives to White women, who they view as “mudsharks” (i.e., a white woman who sleeps with non-white men) and traitors. It has no basis in the belief that Asian women are equal partners, but more so replacements for white women that have betrayed white men.

This is a good example of the “racial tourettes” that White men who prefer Asian women seem to perpetually have; an anger at the world, an anger at black people, people of color, Asian men, and especially White western women.

So what happens to the children if they do not look like Kristen Kreuk (who recently was involved in a sex cult). What if the sons just look Asian? What happens to children that have to live in a racist world, particularly one with an immense amount of gendered racism?

This is extremely common for racist white men to use Asian women as “replacements” for “demanding” White women, who they view as traitorous. Asian women are white skinned, traditional, family oriented, chaste, clean, uncorrupted, “non-Jewed” loyal women that come from a “noble”, organized culture (i.e., Honorary Aryans), and especially will not “sleep around” with black or dark skinned men. However since Half-Asian men suffer from the same discriminatory machine that their white dads want to enforce, that hypes up the value of white men, the fate of the children is extremely iffy.