“I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” is the new “I’m not racist, my best friend is black,” but much more egregious because these same men are raising Half-Asian children who are unprepared for racism outside of the home, yet endure it even stronger within the home.

More and more Elliot Rodgers are inevitable.


It is fairly typical for White men who are interested in Asian women to be racist against Asian men; after all, racist white men like Asian women because Asian women like whiteness and white men. White men that feel wronged by modern social justice movements and liberalism that they view as “anti-white” oftentimes go for Asian women, to feel big and in control, and make a mockery of Asian men, their natural competition.

White men feel that black and minority men from more “masculine” ethnicities pose a threat to white supremacy, and harbor intense resentment against White women – who they view as race traitors and feminists, so they in turn, turn to Asian women – who they view as family oriented and appreciative of racist white men and Western civilization. This does NOT mean that these men are not racist – quite the opposite.

White men see Asian women as a last-resort on their masculinity and an affirmation of their whiteness, meaning that they oftentimes use their Asian wives as a way to get away with open racism, because their Asian wife is a “shield’ from which they can continue anti-feminist, anti-progressive politics.

The worst, most racist White men will go after Asian women as a way to “take back the power” against white women, black men, and use the low status of Asian men as a way to feel powerful; meaning that half-Asian children – who look and identify as Asian males – are being raised by racist white men who think that mocking Asian men is a great way to affirm their power in the face of social change.

And we wonder why Elliot Rodger stated that he was a beautiful Eurasian, before killing three Asian men and targeting White women; White men and Asian women together have an ingrained hatred of Asian men, and White women – especially when the two are together in a loving relationship – because White men and Asian women know that they are together for superficial reasons based on social climbing, and revenge against White feminists and White western women.

Secure, happy, well adjusted White men do not go for Asian women. Period

The problem? They all have half-Asian sons, most of whom look very, very Asian.

So what kind of demographic will these people create?

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