Among a host of other insane hypocrisy, showing how White men view Asian women as their property to validate their masculinity in the case of their “own” women invalidating theirs.

It is cyclical masculinity involving insecure Caucasian men who feel “wronged” by Caucasian women and seek to reclaim power with Asian women, and specifically Asian women.

In other words, when white men feel as if they are “losing power” because of the “more masculine” nature of black men (who they fear are “stealing” white women), they will use Asian women as a way to make themselves feel big. This does not mean they are racist, only that they want the security net of masculinity that Asian women provide.

I.e., White men view Asian women as a fallback plan for their masculinity, whereby, if White women reject them (often for black men), White men can still rely on Asian women’s “white worship” to make them feel masculine and manly, and whereby validate their conservative, patriarchal and anti-progressive views. Asian women are essentially “traditional,” “loyal,” “chaste”, surrogate, replacement white women for feminist, liberated non-Asian women.

The possessive attitude towards Asian women displayed by non Asian men  seems to be heavily hinged on the “masculine by comparison” attitude that many White men have towards Asian males, whereby, failing to fulfill the promises of archaic masculine traditions within their own cultures, White men will turn to Asian women as a way to reestablish the superiority of the male ego, ergo, by being better than an Asian male.

It is not uncommon for White men who desire Asian women to be extremely hostile to non-Asian women dating black, Latino, Arab, Asian, or even Eurasian men.

Yet these same men raise Asian looking sons.

And we wonder where Half-Chinese Elliot Rodger’s racism came from, when he stated that “how could she choose a black boy? He was descended from slaves, I am a beautiful Eurasian.”

The irony is that black people made it easier for Asian people, in that black people served as the “new enemy” for White men, whereby Asians became more accepted; Asians have historically only been seen as “honorary whites,” when compared to the threat of blacks. This can be seen in the case of South Africa. Therefore, it is ironic that Half-Asians are raised to hate blacks, when it is because of blacks that Asians are now more accepted.