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White Nationalists admire Asian women, because, frankly, Asian women admire them right back, moreso than white women do. To a same extent, many white men who lean towards “race realism” idealize Asian women while having disdain for the men.

Having to choose between celibacy because of their racism, or forming a “sexual” relationship with an Asian woman, many Nazis choose the latter, finding ways to justify it, such as by saying: “it’s okay for a white man to sleep around, because it’s improving their genepool”

White women are seen as “trashy,” Asian women seen as “chaste,” “pure,” and family oriented. White women are said to be “fat,” oftentimes by racist whites, Asian women are seen as slim, loyal, and appreciative of good, hardworking white men.

Not Asian men, however; they are competition, to be mocked and degraded, and since most half-Asians identify as Asian, and have to deal with the fallout of mass emasculation of Asian men while their mothers are fetishized by racist white men, well…

White men represent status and assimilation to Asian women, who historically have been cultured to prefer men based on status and the ability to provide stability; since White men have historically been seen to have power, Asian women oftentimes marry men that are less than desired than other men.

White men, feeling that White women embrace “degenerate” lifestyles, will use Asian women’s natural self-hatred about their low status and appearance, to obtain a partner who “appreciates” Whiteness and will not cheat, or “divorce rape” them.