Asian people hate themselves because of their physical appearance, as well as their low status, and feel that mixing with unattractive white men (the only white men who will take advantage of overtly self-hating Asian women in order to obtain sex) makes for better children, as well as integrated into the more powered class; it means that Asians are finally accepted as white and able to properly feel as if they belong in what they idealize as a superior European country, with a superior, refined Western culture that is better than unrefined Asian culture – yet also equally as “stable” (unlike black culture, which Asians hate).

While Asian women are heavily fetishized by the white male ruling class as a nice alternative to White western women, who they view as being too slutty and to difficult to obtain – Asian women are more than happy to fill the empty slot left by White feminists, in a desperate attempt to feel as though they “belong” and are just as beautiful as white women, whereby they have attained the very difficult task of integrating into the economically and culturally more superior, more refined west. It is because Asian culture is so repugnant, that Asian women attempt to integrate with white men – and since the only white men who “like” Asian women exclusively are normatively weird (hence the complaints about yellow fever), this is a massive disaster for the children at large.

Half-Asian men more often than not look 100% Asian, and are subject to extreme emasculation and racism, from the same white men who fetishize Asian women as a way to feel big and “take back the power” against Jews, blacks, and yes, even Asian men – whose status is finally rising.

Even worse is that Asian women, desperate to make themselves feel better than other Asians, and desperate to feel as if they are able to integrate into the “superior” West and feel as if they are part of a better culture, will openly demean Asians, blacks, and other minorities in an attempt to feel more beautiful and to appeal to White men.

They will actually go out of their way to attack Half-Asian men who look too Asian, not realizing that these half-Asian men indeed have White fathers as well, who themselves hate Asians, but only like the women because they serve a sexual purpose of replacing “slutty” White “mudsharks.”

The Hapacalypse – i.e., a massive amount of half-Asians who are subject to an extreme degree of racism and invisibility, while being raised by anti-feminist, MRA, MGTOW, white-sympathizing fathers, as well as cruel, status-obsessed, Asian mothers, will lead to something very, very bad.

Half Chinese / half-Asian Eric Bloss.
Half Chinese / half-Asian Eric Bloss., born from a Chinese mother and a White father. He looks far too Asian – something that his parents probably did not predict.