A sad, sad, a terrifying case of what HalfAsian.org discusses, in real time – and yet these children, many who identify as Asian and non-white, are being raised by incredibly toxic, anti-progressive parents who seek to affirm the value of whiteness and patriotism.

Racist, anti-social white men see “submissive,” traditional, light-skinned Asian women as an “easy” replacement for “feminist, slutty” white women, who they both idealize as good mates – yet hate, due to their liberalism and not supporting racist, entitled white men. Asian women, in turn, being culturally conditioned to pursue integration and to view sex and love as a pragmatic means to an end, marry racist White men in an attempt to properly integrate and “survive.”

What is going to happen?

Eli Cawley is the head of the Utah Minutemen project; many of the horrific things he does while raising a clearly Asian looking son and daughter, can be seen below.

From an article about Cawley.

“We were raised to be patriots and love our country,” says the director of Utah’s Minuteman Project, a hard-line group opposing illegal immigration and calling for the protection of “American culture” and rule of law.

That hometown is Colorado City, Ariz., where Cawley was raised in a polygamous household. Although polygamy is against the law, Cawley makes a distinction between it and the behavior of the undocumented immigrants he and his Minuteman brethren rail against.

Cawley’s wife attacked Latino children (ironic, since some Half-Asians have actually stated that they are mistaken for Latino).

Cawley said he moved there because he wanted to live with hard-working people — of any race. When the Cawleys moved in, the neighborhood already had a lot of Latinos. The Latino population increased in the six years he lived there, Cawley said.

But Cawley’s Latino neighbors, ones he believed were undocumented, left a bad impression. At one point Bonnie Cawley, armed with a BB-gun that she pretended fired real bullets, chased away a group of Latino children who would climb over a wall into her backyard. Cawley’s car stereo was stolen, and his wife learned a motorist she struck with her car while driving in the neighborhood was an undocumented immigrant.

“I have to pay, but what happens if she hits me?” Bonnie Cawley said.

More on his appreciation for “America,” where he actually becomes enraged at his own Half-Asian son appreciating his own heritage.

What Cawley calls his most “transformative experience” happened in 2004 or 2005 during an assembly for second-graders he attended at Lincoln. The assembly had a theme about pride in your country, and Cawley says about 60 percent of the students were waving the Mexican flag.


But it was his son’s flag that really angered Cawley. Claude’s teacher gave him a Vietnamese flag, or as Cawley called it, a “North Vietnamese flag.”


“I was fit to be tied,” Cawley said. “I was so damn mad I was spitting fire.”


Besides developing an unfavorable view of the Vietnamese government, Cawley said he raised his son to “be American.” Cawley motioned to Claude to lower the flag, then confronted the teacher.


“What was so enraging to me was she didn’t even have a concept it was offensive,” Cawley said.


The teacher, Cawley said, was trying to make the assembly as diverse as she could.

“I knew right then there was something wrong in the heart of America,” Cawley said.

Extremely racist and violent half-Asian Elliot Rodger will be nothing compared to the coming nightmare of half-Asian children born to self-hating, desperate, depressed, status obsessed, asexual¹ Asian women seeking to obtain a “white standard,” and violent, racist white men who pursue Asian women as a way to reaffirm white male power and conservative, anti-progressive values, simply because Asian women are the only ones who help them feel as if they have a meaningful, conservative existence, in the face of global progress and change.

Why is this happening? Why are racist white men seeking Asian women explicitly – and how will this effect an entire generation of millions of non-white, biracial children being raised by racist White men and Asian women desperate for intergration into a “superior” White country?

  • White men pursue Asian women because White women are too liberal and embrace liberal, progressive causes – such as being pro-immigration; Asian women are ironically more conservative, and attractive to white men looking for submissive, loyal, non-promiscuous women to support his racist belief-system, when White women will not. 
  • White men admire “racist” Asian people, while being sexually attracted to “light skinned,” petite , non-violent Asian women, who they view as a non-threatening race of women that will not challenge his masculinity or his racist viewpoints, like white women will with black men.
  • Asian women sometimes view themselves as the least attractive, thereby attracting racist white men looking for an easy way to find a partner when non-Asian women reject him; Asian women will feel that they are more “beautiful” even if a rejected white man likes them.
  • White men pursue Asian women because Asian women come from “traditional,” family oriented, conservative, “noble,” non-diverse, peaceful cultures that hate blacks and dark skinned people, and probably most importantly, will not sexually threaten the white male, as does the White woman (who many white men fear prefer black and Latino men).
  • White men pursue Asian women because they are seen as loyal, white-skinned, “non-Jewed”, “uncorrupted,” conservative and chaste,  and provide him with a feeling of control and stability, and most importantly,
  • White men pursue Asian women because Asian women “appreciate” racist White men, when White women do not. Since many Asian people seem unable to get past a “survival mode” mentality, marriage to extremely repugnant, racist white men seems to work in their favor.

But these same white men raise Asian or non-white looking children, while championing pro-white causes.

What will happen to these children?

What will happen to half-Asian children that both look non-white, or worse, look Asian – yet are raised by an Asian woman who hates Asian men (because they remind her of her home, and her low status), and White men who dislike all minority groups other than the only one that will make him feel powerful and justified in his racism – Asian women?

Why is this so common?

¹HalfAsian.org makes repeated references to the asexuality of Asian women – which is often lamented on MRA and MGTOW boards. Asian culture historically has seen marriage as largely being one of efficacy and pragmatism, rather than mutual attraction. This causes Asian women to willfully marry rejected White men, without any physical attraction, and regardless of the man’s right wing political beliefs. However, this is a double-edged sword, because oftentimes the asexuality of the wife causes the man to become more extreme in his political beliefs, and to act out, as men in unhappy marriages generally become more extreme and aggressive.