Again, when Asian people desperately seek integration, due to Asians – in particular – being raised to avoid confrontation and fit in, regardless of the amount of suffering it causes them, and because of their pragmatic nature, they will do desperate things.

When raised to feel uglier compared to Whites due to their non-Caucasian features (lack of deep eyes, for example, or refined features), yet also told that they are “almost white” due to their skin color and their “placid” behavior, yet consistently reminded that they are not, this causes extreme trauma and dichotomy within their brains, causing drastic results.

The promixity of Asianness to Whiteness is largely due to the idea that Asians are “well behaved” compared to the threats towards Whiteness posed by darker races; wherein Asians are seen as a “model minority” whose women are more malleable, chaste, traditional, and less of a threat towards White male supremacy (note: male), when White women are seen as mudsharks and traitors.


Khaw defended herself on her blog by stating that she is not a Nazi, before proceeding into a long Twitter tirade defending what can only be viewed as a deep case of mental illness.

Editor’s note: It should be stated that Ms. Khaw has defended herself as not being a Nazi. Instead, we should take with a grain of salt the fact that she likes to pose with live firearms, in dark rooms, in front of hanging Nazi flags, alongside real life male Neo-Nazis, simply because this is something that every sane, non-Nazi should do with their free time.



Due to feeling “culturally similar” to whites, only because of their lack of “violence,” and “degeneracy,” many Asian people will think that they are white, and the constant reminder that they are not, may cause immense internal disruption.

White men, desperate for women who will support their Nazi-agendas, which oftentimes White women fail to do, will take on women and companionship that provide them with validation of their White supremacist views, as well as sex.

As for the children of these couples – time will only tell.