HalfAsian.org has predicted this since the inception of /r/hapas, which, since then, has received 50 million views, since 2014.

This prediction was made on June 2nd, 2018, and is the culmination of nearly four years of research done by extremely dedicated, knowledgable, and objective Half-Asians.

Many of us Half-Asians who are familiar with this dynamic posit with a 100% certainty that the current trends are allowing for a major mass murder involving one of the factors below:

  • A) A half Asian who is desperate to prove his whiteness and inherits his fathers extreme racism, plus his mother’s self hatred, which in tandem can make him desperate to “prove” that he is indeed white, driven by sexual frustration from inheriting both his father’s racism, as well as his unattractive physical appearance – which makes him more insecure, and racist
  • B) A White man married to or dating an Asian woman (we have seen increased violence as of late, with Stephen Paddock, Based Stickman).; arguably, the Charleston Church shooter, Dylan Roof, referred to Asians as “Honorary Aryans” – and had an interest in anime.

The common nature of extremely racist, entitled, bitter white men seeking out Asian women, as a replacement for white women who they view as feminist and traitorous, will have disastrous results.

Racist white men – and yes, even White Nationalists – idealize Asian women as traditional, chaste, pure, non-promiscuous, non-slutty, non-feminist, malleable, white-skinned, honorable, loyal women who will tolerate a white man when white women will not; they hope their children look white, and view their Asian wives as “replacements” for White women. The problem is that this does not solve the problem that he remains in an interracial relationship, that his children are mixed, and that his marriage does not fulfill his true desires.

This may be worsened by the fact that many of these entitled, racist white men, when trapped in a relationship that they view as representative of their failure to obtain white women, while harboring intensely racist views against black people (especially black men and white women), will still become more and more extreme due to the fact that:

  • They realize their Asian wife is not a sexual slave and a stereotype, and the sexual deprivation, combined with his entitled, racist expectations of Asian women, will lead to violence and extremism
  • They realize that their Asian wife or girlfriend is merely a replacement for a white woman that they wanted, and this will make them perpetually angry, and perhaps violent both against the woman and her children

The combination of having his white entitlement revoked twice, not only by white women, but by an Asian woman who, for example, refuses to sleep with him due to lack of attraction, can cause incredible violence.