4chan, again, a largely Neo-Nazi forum, has a bizarre fascination with East Asian women, above all other women, due to the idea that Asian women are more malleable and less feminist than white women – who they fear are “traitors” who sleep with black men, and are too slutty to support the white man.

Half Asian children – raised by the hundreds of thousands – born to White men who are filled with racist rage against white women and minorities, have little to no respect for Asians, other than finding Asian women suitable “replacements” for white women due to their white-like skin, their placated demeanor, and their “traditional,” “stable” society and background.

The entire basis of “yellow fever” is that the women are chaste, clean, easy substitutes for white men to feel “powerful” with in the face of change and irrelevance.

Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, does this mean that they actually respect Asians; only what Asian people offer to the white (or sometimes non-white) racist male’s ego.

So what happens to the children?

Add to the fact that many half-Asian people look very Asian, are raised to hate themselves by their mothers, who, ironically, wanted to marry a White man for a status boost, and raised by a racist white man who sought to flee the Western world because of the influx of minorities and non-whites, and you have a horrific recipe for some very bad, bad children.

Ironically, in these racist white men’s idea state, they would demean and attack Asian men – as they had done for some 50 years, to prevent Asian men from ever surmounting White men in the social hierarchy; yet now, these same white men seek to flee to Asia to raise half-Asian children with Asian women. Many of them are horrifically opposed to Asian men dating white women.

These same half-Asian men and women are raised to face the same racism that their fathers worked to enact, with the only exception that he wanted an Asian woman to help him “fight back” against his loss of privilege.

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>Advice to men between the ages of 18 to 35: MOVE TO ASIA!

>The West is dead. Feminism destroyed the foundation of society, which is the family unit. Mass immigration of tens of millions of uneducated, illiterate, uncivilized subhumans from Mexico, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, have turned the West into a 3rd world living standard. A completely toxic culture of liberalism, cultural Marxism, which is promoted by Hollywood and the mainstream media. A destroyed economy and job market because greedy baby boomer capitalists decided to outsource all the jobs to Asia. In short, the West is DEAD!

>If I could give one piece of advice for men between the ages of 18 to 35, I would tell them, to marry an Asian girl from either South Korea, Japan, or Taiwan, and then move to her country.

>There is no future in the West. All economic and scientific progress will come from Russia, China, or South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan over the next 50 to 100 years. Westerners took their wealth and just pissed it away in the name of liberalism and multiculturalism, and the result is that Western countries will become 3rd world hellholes within the next 50 years. There is literally no future in the West. That is why I tell young men to get out now.

>We all know that feminism has turned western women into evil mutant freaks that no sane man can tolerate. That is just one reason to marry an East Asian woman. Another reason is that East Asia is currently the nicest place to live on earth. East Asian countries are very clean, very modern, very low crime rate, and overall just very nice places to live. To a lesser extent, Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, are also very nice places to live but no where near as nice and modern as East Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan.