How do Half-Asian men with white fathers and Asian mothers become Neo-Nazis? How do part Filipinos such as James Allsup become flagbearers for the Neo-Nazi alt-right?

Why did Elliot Rodger refer to black people as the “descendants of slaves,” while referring to himself as “descended from aristocracy?” – then went on to physically assault white women / men-of-color couples, before mass murdering Asian men, as well as White women?

Why did Elliot Rodger, himself, violently attack Asian male / white woman couples, despite being mixed-race with an Asian mother himself? Why does it seem that the couples composed of Asian men and White women are both ironically more liberal than the reverse, as well as targeted by not only White men and Asian women – but their children as well?

Will we witness, again, a mass shooting or murder done by either A) A half-Asian with a white father and an Asian mother, or B) a white Nazi with an Asian wife, who targets, among others, Asian male and White female couples? has been predicting, since 2014, that this will happen.

Just look at the incredibly long list of racist white men with Asian wives – who they view as “replacements” for white “mudsharks,” traitors, and feminists, and you’ll find out that many Half-Asians are raised by their racist white fathers to take pride in their white heritage, to embrace white privilege and white male chauvinism, with their Asian mothers fully supporting white men who allow them to properly integrate into the West.

Adolf Hitler referred to Asians as “honorary Aryans,” and since the 1970’s, men seeking to avoid white feminism, liberalism, and multiculturalism actively pursue Asian women, who they viewed as family oriented, chaste, loyal, traditional, and coming from stable, family-oriented, noble cultures that were uncorrupted by Jews. During no time since then has there ever been an effort to treat Asian men as human beings, however, and the resulting children will reflect this massive insecurity as well as their parents’ white surpemacy.

That is why we are now seeing an incredibly large amount of Half Asian men and women that are raised by counter-cultural white men who were furiously angry at White women for betraying the west, married Asian women, and created Half-Asian sons and daughters who were simultaneously raised to be replacement white children, while being very insecure about their Asian heritage.