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Rather than discuss the issue, I decided to write a letter to Michelle.

Foreward: Why do I even have to defend the fact that this kind of parenting method is reprehensible? The entire idea of wanting a “white” baby is based in the idea that Asian people – including yourself – are ugly. So you are basing a child’s self-esteem entirely on the fact that it looks white, pass as white and act white, so it can ignore some of the most extreme racism in the world – from white people. That sounds great. Really terrific. Why do I even bother?

Michelle, I am a half-Asian guy with a Chinese Hong Kong mother, and a white father, who, unfortunately, is pretty racist – he believed white women were traitorous “mudsharks” (he makes comments about interracial couples involving black men and white women, whenever he sees them; when he sees black men on TV, he goes “eyyyy man,” mocking their accents), and that Asian women are more easy to get along with, less slutty, less promiscuous, and generally just less “Jewed.” He’s a Holocaust denier, hates black people, feminists, and communists among others. He has said things such as the “Chinese are the Jews of the Orient.”

At one point, my father violently grabbed a VHS of Schindler’s List out of the player, and threw it in the garbage can, after which the police were called and found my brother and I, two Asian looking biracial children, between a screaming, hysterical, now deathly sick Chinese woman (as she had received a bad blood infusion during my C-section), and my racist, now balding, now fat father, who had been sleeping on the couch for some years now. This was typical in my family.

I’m not some “jealous” Asian or Half Asian man, but since you’re so quick to assume so, you just reveal how much you hate Asian men – so I hope you don’t try for another child, because it might be male.

Many, many half-Asian men identify as Asian, simply because that’s how the world views us. Asian features are incredibly strong, because it involves changing the entire bone structure of the face and body – don’t get fooled by “similarities” in skin color.

I’ve noticed how whenever Asian women and racist white guys (who seem to have racist “tourette’s” whenever they marry Asians – I guess because the woman is just his “revenge” against society), they join arms with racist white men to attack and demean anything Asian – which endangers half-Asians, who are forced to identify as Asian.

And when we try to live our lives normally, we have women like our mothers working overtime to make us feel as if we’re “wrong” for having Asian features. The “easy” status of Asian women attracts the worst white men – men looking to capitalize on “traditional,” anti-feminist, black hating, white worshipping women – and allows white men who actually hate Asians to continue to reiterate that Asian males are inferior, as a way for them to feel “big”, while Asian women are just… easy.

All I have been doing since 2014 is warning people that the future of white supremacy will be in he hands of white men (like my father) and Asian women, and that their biracial, self-hating, “replacement-White” children will represent the new wave of white supremacists, except more dangerous, because they will hate their Asian features, and desperately try to make up for it, in a world where Asian features are already hated by people other than their own mother and father. 

Proximity to whiteness, plus the encouragement of their Asian mothers to identify as white, plus the casual racism of the privileged white father, plus the intense and persistent racism against Asianness – will make half-Asians especially dangerous as they seek to avoid the Asian stigma, and instead follow the impossible example set by their parents.

I have been working tirelessly to explain why Daniel Holtzclaw raped those black women while saying “how does that white dick taste,” and why Elliot Rodger attempted to murder blonde women and Asian men, since his parents had a passionate hatred of both Asian men and White women.

I don’t disagree with you that being Asian is bad. In fact, I agree. I agree that half-Asian women have a great time, but anything Asian looking when it comes to a man is like enduring a consant whipping for your entire life, not just from society, but from women who look like our mothers. What I’m saying is that it’s bad enough without people like you making it worse – and unfortunately it’s going to get worse, as long as Asian women are seen as fair game by most men, and Asian men are inferior – and Asian women are happily working to make sure this status quo remains in place, with the help of white men who simply do not give a shit about the Asian and Half-Asian men who get physically assaulted and harassed for even trying to date non-Asian women, as easily as you date White men.

When I was your daughter’s age, I had blondish hair and light green eyes. Now, my hair is totally black, and my eyes very dark brown. I get mistaken for Asian, because Asian features are very, very strong, especially when it comes to cheekbones, forehead shape, and hair texture. I have had Asian women with white partners tell me that they do not like Asian men – despite having an Asian mother. I have had white women tell me the same – because being “biracial” doesn’t mean that you’re white. Not even close. Not in a white supremacist system, which you happily contributed to. In fact, most biracial Asian men (in particular) are subject to the same hostility from white society as our full cousins are. Imagine hearing “I don’t date Asian guys,” and your mom is one of those people.

There are millions of us. Asian looking Hapas with mothers like you, that spent their entire lives demeaning Asian males in a desperate attempt to feel as if you belong, and that you’re desirable, compared to non-Asian women. Your poor daughter, makes me want to cry, because of what you did.

There are millions of women like you. Millions upon millions, who marry men that you’re not attracted to, simply because you want to integrate and want your children to have a “better life.” I can already tell that you’re going to divorce your husband because I know for a fact that my mother and father never had sex after getting married – because frankly, women like you are far too invested in self-hatred to actually marry men that you are attracted to; you marry men that you feel give you the best shot at feeling as if you’ve made it, with, of course, your white baby, that to me looks entirely Chinese, other than the eye color.

Raising a biracial Asian child, and promising it to be successful, when there are very, very few examples of successful biracial Asian people – who are fully grown – other than a handful of exceptions (the bulk of whom have Asian dads, like Keanu Reeves), and white-passing Half Asians that were famous fifteen years ago (Kristen Kreuk), no half-Asian has ever achieved anywhere near the success as say, President Obama.

The reality is because women like you are raising us wrong. You’re raising biracial children with the expectations that they’ll A) be white, and B) be good looking, which entirely just depend on the parents, like any other biracial pairing.

Women like you promised yourselves that biracial Asians were “beautiful” just to cover up the fact that you were so self-hating. No other mixed-race marriage promises such lofty things for their children, and the result, of course, is that every other biracial pairing has produced better children than anything self-hating Asian women and their loser husbands have. I’m sorry – looking at your husband – it is clear that neither you, nor him, are really putting in an effort anymore, and like many of the hapas I know – I expect the intense nagging, the fighting, and the fact that he just sees you as a cheap replacement for women he wished he had (hot white women), will lead to an inevitable divorce.

Your daughter is going to grow up in a broken home (if not broken already, since you and your husband don’t even show up in the same photos, and all of the women in my family married to white guys are married to racist, bitter, ugly white men who, for example, have conspiracy theories about Chinese spies, despite marrying Chinese women, because they’re all they can get).

Your daughter is not white. You clearly stated your racism on your instagram and now you feel as if you’re somehow “sorry” for it. The damage is already done; the mentality you have towards Asian blood is so problematic, that I am deathly afraid not only for her, but the millions of Half-Asians out there that come from identical backgrounds, who will be raised to be extremely self-hating.

Self-hatred is not solved in your case, only passed on a generation, and the fact that you feel “lucky” to have a blue eyed, blond haired daughter, is proof that Asian women in particular have deep seated mental illness that will carry on into the next generation, especially since many Half-Asians grow up to look more Asian, and are subject to the same racism that our fathers are looking to enforce, by marrying you.

I highly doubt your husband is not a racist. In fact, I’m willing to bet a lot of money that he harbors some intense resentment against black people, Latinos, immigrants, Muslims, or white women – and sees you as a nice, little, suitable, pro-white, white supremacist replacement, without ever respecting you.

I am going to post your behavior on

The internet never forgets, and all I really want the world to know is that half-Asians, especially the men, are subject to very, very intense racism, because many of us look Asian, and are made to feel ashamed of our Asian heritage, even when it is not clearly visible. Even other people knowing that we are half-Asian, is an incredible offense not only to non-Asians, but to Asian women like you.

The next time you see an Asian looking half-Asian, especially a man – ask him what his opinion is. Ask him how he feels that people like you have gone out of your way for fifty years to demean Asian men in an attempt to make yourself feel prettier, and more valuable to society at large. Because when Asian men have low status, that means that people can understand why Asian women outmarry at such high rates. It’s a plan, where you can obtain integration, at the expense of others – but now, Asian women like you have started doing it against your own sons, because White American makes no distinction between half and full Asian.

I really feel horrible for your daughter, and I’m sorry for the number of Half Asians that are going to implode in the coming years, and will point their fingers at people like you. I am also sorry that you and your husband are so badly off that you cannot even display physical affection in your own wedding photos.

I predicted that this would happen since 2014. Now you are begging for forgiveness because your racism – yes, racism – was named and shamed, but you wouldn’t have cared if it didn’t happen, so we don’t care what happens to you.

My parents had no friends, because people saw right through them; they saw the stereotypical racist white guy, and the bitter, scowling, crude, rude, Tiger Asian mother with a white husband who lurked in the background, afraid to eat the food, reading about conspiracy theories about blacks, Jews and immigrants – and they knew. Everybody knew.

So I suspect now that everyone will know about you.