This excerpt comes from a paper written by an Asian female PhD student, with a white husband.

Racist white men, in fact, the most racist White men (i.e., those who feel entitled to white women and a “stable white society” but get rejected) view Asian women as “replacement” whites, hope that their sons and daughters look white, or “good looking” (despite the white father being unattractive to white women), while harboring resentment and anger against black men and white women, as well as Asian men – ignoring the fact that most half-Asians just look Asian.

The looming nightmare of millions of half-Asians being raised by sexpats, extremely anti-social racist rejects who passionately hate blacks, people of color, and Asian men, as well as white women, and whose anti-social, rejected fathers used Asian women as a “last resort” to find companionship, is nearly realized.

A quote below is from page 208:

Luke makes a nice nod to “mudsharks,” very typical among the White men who seek out Asian women as an expression of their resentment of BMWF. Black and white is interracial (porn mindset) but Asian+white is just Honorary Aryans (of course unless the guy is Asian, AmIRite?)

While Calvin objected to “racing” people in general, for others the color-blind perspective focuses on the belief that the Asian racial charac- teristics of their children in particular does not matter. In fact, Luke, the husband of Kira, admitted that although he does now identify his kids as biracial, he had always viewed biraciality as applying only to those who were half white/half black: “There was a time years ago when a woman asked us, how do you guys feel about being in a biracial relationship? I didn’t really understand what she was asking . . . biracial to me always meant black and white, not Asian and white. I never thought I was in a biracial relationship. . . . So having kids with a Chinese, it’s just that they’ll grow up to be good looking kids. It’s not something I think about.” Although these white spouses do recognize the racial “distinctiveness” of their kids, they do not seem to believe that the Asian racial features make their kids “different” enough in any phenotypical or practical sense to warrant major concern.

More Grade A parenting skills:

Luke did not think there was anything particularly worrisome; when I brought up the “pulling-eye” incident suffered by his son in school mentioned by his wife Kira, he asserted that he did not think this was an insulting incident in the least since he thought “Asian eyes were cool.”

More disastrous WMAW parenting where he hopes his sons can get the women he wished he had, and how he has a distaste for Asians, despite having a Chinese wife.

He also commented on the difference that having an American last name made for his kids. When asked if he thought his kids identified with any side in particular, he said that he did not think they were much aware of their biraciality, further pointing out how his kids had mostly white ethnic friends, and said that he envisioned them marrying whites.

A white man, who dislikes black-white marriages, raising a Chinese looking boy who is bullied at school and identifies as Chinese – ignores his problems and thinks of him as white – refers to his wife as “a Chinese;” what could possibly go wrong?

Racist white men and self-hating Asian women are virtually everywhere – what will happen to their children?