Funny title – serious subject.

This does have a sizeable effect on Asians, in general, because a large portion of racism against Asian men is due to the perceived size of their penises – which is false, and given that Asian women and their white male partners have done nothing to combat that stereotype for 50 years – let’s do it right now.

Sorry, not sorry.


To be honest, it’s probably notorious racist, Asian male hating 4chan and Reddit poster /u/JimCanuck, but that’s besides the point.

The Asian small dick myth is just that, a myth, but the people who actually propagate it the most, are in fact, you guessed it – small dicked non-Asian men who “use” Asian women as a way to form relationships despite having a small penis.

Sorry to be so crude – but this is actually happening.

This is why this is happening – and how it’s hurting a lot more people than you’d think.

Asian males don’t have small dicks, and any woman who has slept with an Asian guy can attest to this.

The belief that Asian men have small cocks is pushed by none other than…

the white men with small cocks who need to feel “bigger.”

Perhaps most  ironic is, that the men who “like” Asian women are the bitter, rejected, insecure losers who hate Asian men the most, which makes it very difficult for the half-Asian sons.

Ever notice how almost every white guy who “prefers” Asian women… hates blacks, Jews, Muslims, gays, liberals, feminists? That’s called “racial tourettes” that is for whatever reason exceptionally common among the anti-social, hostile white men who chase down Asian women as a way to reaffirm their power.

Very conservative, anti-social men “prefer” Asian women out of the belief that they are “more traditional.”

That is because “preference” for Asian women is a “preference” for the only women these men feel they can get to “take back the power” against women, and blacks.

So when a white man feels intimidated by, for example, black men and white women, he will use Asian women as his “backup” plan to prove his masculinity.

What does this have to do with dick size?

Most alt-right, conservative men are adamant about preserving “tradition.”

This is because they don’t benefit under our current culture where women select men based on looks and other factors.

These alt-right white men don’t benefit…because they are ugly, have social problems, or frankly, have small cocks.

That’s why so many alt-right and white nationalists who hate black men and interracial dating… also “love” Asian women. John Derbyshire and Richard Spencer are good examples.

Social conservatism is related to the idea than a man is inadequate, so he wants to preserve traditional gender roles.

In other words, the same guys who hate black people, probably have small dicks… and probably love Asian women because they feel Asian women won’t care about their size.

This is actually true, but not for reasons you think.

Many Asian women are asexual, due to their cultural history, where sex and love were viewed as a pragmatic goal. That is why many Asian women marry men who resemble “school shooters.” (Stephen Paddock is a great example of a real mass shooter who had multiple Asian wives).

They have no intention of sleeping with these men, and in Asian culture, marriage to very ugly men is seen as a pragmatic “tool” for survival, and not a problem. Similarly a man with a small cock will be “used” by an Asian woman for his status or money, without expecting to sleep with him – or enjoying it.

She will be fine with this.

The man will “mistake” her refusal to sleep around, as a sign that she is traditional…but in reality, she is just a pragmatist, according to Asian culture. She has a “survival agenda.”

The problem with small dicked, racist white men marrying Asian women is that it harms Asians, but most importantly Half-Asian men, the most.

When Asian women choose white men with small cocks, it lets society form opinions about the worthlessness of Asian men….

which is not true, because Asian men are much better looking than the bald, ugly white men Asian women choose.

This also subjects Asian women to very creepy, racist white men, who will learn that their relationship is sexless, and will commit violence on asexual Asian women who don’t live up to the stereotypes.

More scary is when entitled White men marry Asian women expecting a sex doll, but wind up in a sexless marriage…. and wind up going on a killing spree, targeting, you guessed it: Asian men and White women (and even Eurasian men who look Latino or Asian).

Most importantly, however, is that these racist, small cocked white men will have half-Asian sons who inherit his tiny cock – like Elliot Rodger – who admitted that he had a 4 incher.