EMT Reunion
Hey! Next time some conspiracy theorist, alt-right white guy gets nagged to death by his Asian girlfriend / or wife, and decides to shoot up a place – can you please not shoot us half-Asians? Many of us look like Asian men, and I know it bothers you that Asian men exist, even though you’ve got an Asian girlfriend!

Dear conspiracy theorist, alt-right, racist, entitled white guys and hateful, angry, consistently bitter Asian women who really, really want to fit in and feel like you’ve finally made it! – the next time you drive your alt-right, conspiracy theorist husband or boyfriend to commit America’s worst mass murder in history – could you kindly tell him to be careful when he shoots Asian men (and other minorities) – because some of them could very well be half-Asian!

I know it bothers some of you that Asians exist, especially Asian men who have non-Asian girlfriends, since your wife / girlfriend was your last shot to show that you have some “power” left after white privilege continues to deteriorate. and white women will no longer tolerate your open racism – and that you help him feel more powerful over black, Hispanic, and Asian men – but kindly do everyone a favor and think twice before pulling back the trigger before you start executing Asians!

I know that a sexless marriage with a woman who barely speaks English and who you feel ashamed to be in public with, and who you feel nags you for spending far too much time not making money, and far too much time on conspiracy-theorist forums – makes you very angry, but please, when you aim down the barrel at an Asian guy, please think twice!

Some of us could indeed be half-Asian!


Your future sons.