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Biracial Asians are the only group of mixed-race people that are raised, by a default, by racist parents – even more racist than white-white couples.

An average white / white couple who were to adopt a half-Asian child, would ironically be less racist, than an Asian Tiger Mom, and her white, privileged, naive, conspiracy theorist, anti-feminist husband, if they were raising that same child.

Asian mothers are desperate to obtain “status” at the side of White men, such that they can properly assimilate into a “superior” Western country and obtain blue-eyed, light haired children to make them feel as if they have successfully become integrated into what they view as a culturally and financially more successful culture and country.

Along with Tiger Mothering their biracial children – which oftentimes fails –  many of these women have a perpetually nagging, aggressive attitude towards their white husbands – who more often than not – they are not attracted to, but merely use to “feel beautiful” and “accepted” by western countries, and moreso to feel more powerful than white women, these Asian women also try to steer their children away from black women.

Ironically, black women are some of the only women that appreciate and like Asian looking men – and since many Half-Asian men look and identify as Asian, and are identified as such by society at large, so it is problematic when Asian mothers, afraid that their grandchildren will be black (rather than becoming totally White, as per her dreams of total assimilation and morphosis into whiteness), pester and harass their biracial Asian children into not dating black women (or men, in the case of daughters).

Of course, there is also the issue of Asian AND White women being extremely hostile to biracial Asians that look “too Asian,” so for Asian mothers who are convinced their Asian looking children are indeed white, also trying to prevent them from having fulfilling relationships with black women – this is a total and utter disaster.

You’ve been warned!

Millions of Asian looking biracial Asian children with asexual, status-hungry Asian mothers who absolutely hate Asians and desperately want their children to be white – and white fathers who sought “alternatives” to the white women who rejected them for their looks (bald, ugly, fat), are coming to your door!

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This was back in high school. My very first boyfriend (first everything) was half White and half Chinese. He was my Chemistry tutor at first and I ended up passing with a D+ because we just made out all the time after “studying” for about 12 seconds beforehand. We dated for about 1.5 years.

Anywho, we used to have these study sessions at his house (which was more of a McMansion) in his room after school. His dad was pretty friendly and polite all though he was incredibly shy and awkward. He was overweight and balding and barely talked. But he would always give my bf money to take me out on dates and to come watch me at football and basketball games (I was a cheerleader) and he would always offer to buy me dinner if I was over in the evening “studying” with his son. My bf also had an older brother who was polite but mostly kept to himself so I didn’t see him very often.

His mom on the other hand. Holy shit. Bf was really nervous about me meeting her in the beginning. At first I couldn’t understand why because to my face she would smile although she didn’t talk to me very much. But eventually I realized that she was trying to undermine our relationship from the very beginning. She would burst into his room without knocking “by accident” and eventually forbid him from locking his door. We would literally hide in his insanely large walk in closet until she found us and tried to barge in there too. I once overheard her say “[Bf’s name] why you date Black girl!?” when she didn’t realize I was there. He pretty much avoided her for the entire 1.5 years that we were dating because this was a constant refrain.

She treated his dad like the house slave. He was basically a walking wallet to her. He had some super lucrative government job and provided for the family while she worked part time somewhere to keep busy. She was always rude and short with him. In the entire time that we dated, I never once saw her say something nice or even smile at him. I kind of felt sorry for him, but idk he kind of asked for it. I think he thought he was getting someone who would be even shyer and quieter than him, but he ended up getting an insane person who spent all his money for him.

One day, my bf called me and sounded kind of weirded out about something. I asked him if something was wrong and he said that he came home from school and his mom was in the kitchen doing whatever. He was trying to make a snack as quickly as possible to get away from her but she asked him to sit down so she could tell him something. Basically she told him that his older brother was really his half brother and that his father was some Cuban guy. Then she walked away without providing any further details. It was super weird but it made sense. Bf’s older brother looked nothing like him and didn’t even look Asian at all. He just looked like a really tan White guy while my bf looked like a pale Chinese dude. Older brother was the golden child to their mom, while my bf was treated like a fully grown baby (like an inconvenience who needed to have his nailed clipped for him while he was sleeping up until he was 15-16 years old) for his whole life until he started dating me. He never discussed it with her again, nor did he discuss it with his older brother. He never even knew why she bothered to tell him in the first place because it didn’t change anything.

We ended up splitting up at the end of high school and going to different colleges. It wasn’t a very amicable breakup though and sometimes I wonder if he’s doing alright even to this day 10ish years later. He used to have some suicidal thoughts and one of his Hapa best friends killed himself when we were about 17. I think both of their mothers made them hate themselves while their fathers did nothing to stop the abuse. My bf used to visit his friend’s gravesite regularly and just cry. I’m sure there’s a lot that he dealt with that he never told me about but the pain he felt ran deep. He used to tell me that I was the only bright spot in his life. When we first started dating he was super pudgy and ate terribly, but he started working out and dressing really nice and wearing contacts instead of glasses because he said he wanted to look good next to me. I told him it wasn’t necessary and that I liked him just the way he was but he said that working out and taking care of himself helped his depression so I supported it. His bedroom went from something out of /r/neckbeardnests to somewhere we could chill together comfortably because cleaning up became a part of his routine. So yeah, I hope he’s doing alright and still taking good care of himself.

Anywho, that’s my story. Feel free to ask questions.