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My opinion is steadfast: racist, anti-social, anti-feminist, and rejected white men who target self-hating, clinically depressed, and socially isolated Asian women who seek to integrate and obtain status so that they feel less isolated, and express disdain towards their own features, and who spend much of their time badmouthing and hurting Asian people and Asian men cannot and will not produce healthy Asian looking children.

But moreso, the mental health of a child is just as important, and a conservative white father who believes in anti-white conspiracies, and an Asian mom who wants white children, white privilege, and to rid herself of Asianness and Asian features – don’t lead to healthy kids.

Some of the responses:

To be an Asian guy with a white women you have to be successful and your life in order.
To be a white guy with an Asian women you could be a janitor.
Amwf are born into more successful scenarios. However if the dating field levels for Asian men then you could possibly see loser Asian guys with white women and amwf in bad scenarios. However that’s a long ways away
I was doing a thesis on mixed race relationships and their offspring. That was 9 years ago. I was a sociology major. While preparing my thesis I did a lot of research, I visited a lot of families, did interviews, I noticed that amwf couples mostly are of the highly educated types, high wage earners, their kids go to good schools etc. In contrast the wmaf, most of them are opposites of the amwf. Till this very day, I continue to witness the same stuff as 9 years ago. I found this place by chance actually. .