Numbers, unfortunately, rarely lie.

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Despite AMWF being practically non-existent in the real world, 93.5% of all professional hockey players of mixed Asian heritage have Asian fathers.

The reason for this immense disparity likely has to do with the fact that Asian men of good physical health and mental health are able to find non-Asian partners, which creates more physically fit and mentally sound biracial children with pride in their Asianness. 

White men of poor physical health and poor mental health (racist, unattractive, short, balding) will almost default to Asian women – due to the idea that Asian women are “less demanding” of low status white men, due to being unable to marry white or non-Asian women.

Potentially most important, however, is merely that AMWF is not based on intense racism against Asian people, and the children are not subjected to anti-social, racist parents with a vendetta and politicization against society – from a young and impressionable age, whereby children of biracial heritage with Asian fathers generally adapt better and function at a higher level in a very racist society.

28 out of 31 of all mixed race / biracial / half-Asian professional hockey players to ever play the game have Asian fathers. Of the other two, one has a black father, and one has a white father. What is causing the immense disparity between professional athletes at an upper level – despite AMWF being non-existent?