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Many Asian women feel “ugly” in Western society, and so they latch onto unattractive white men in an attempt to feel “integrated” and “beautiful.” In return, white men who are rejected by white women use Asian women as a way to maximize on their whiteness, without bothering to change their behavior to be more tolerant or kind.

Obviously, because in Asia, sex and love is seen as pramatic, marriage to racist white men that are rejected by white women is tolerable by Asian women.

However, because the relationship between white men and Asian women is more often than not heavily loaded and not genuine – they will display intense anger towards Asian men / White women. Some will even go so far as to try to prevent their sons from dating white women, and force them to marry Asian women; others will harass the half-Asian daughter for being too fat; others will work to prevent the Asian-looking son from dating black women. Why?

The text:

So, I’ve been lurking/posting here for a while and like, I never realized how spot on r/hapas is? Especially about WMAF? Until recently. I’m in college at a REALLY big school (40k students, if you’re curious) so I constantly meet new people. And like, the closer I get to the Asian women I meet, the weirder and more reminiscent of r/hapas it gets. My first story: met a nice filipina girl, really pretty, good personality. She gets drunk and begins to ask me if I’m “half filipina, half Korean… half Asian?” I respond no, I’m (primarily) southern Russian, hence my dark features. This upsets her, I had no idea why. She also sees my lock screen on my phone, which is a photo of my boyfriend and I. She looks perplexed…Later while we’re in a smoking area at a club she FaceTimes her boyfriend… scrawny white dude. Not even surprised. I think she was disappointed that I wasn’t half Asian because she was hoping that her hapa kids would come out looking like me… you know — white. Another good story: I live in a 5 bedroom apartment with 2 Asian girls, and they bring their AF friends around and I’ll join them as I’m pretty good friends with the girls I live with. Anyways, as we sat in the kitchen the other day, two of their friends (both AF) start fawning over European features (i.e. oh, I wish I was euro so I could have the chance to have blue eyes) and I was like haha.. ok… then one proceeded to tell me that she wants to marry outside of her race just because “mixed babies are the cutest!” with the other one fawning over euro features with her earlier nodding in agreement. I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncomfortable in my life…. anyways, wow, to r/hapas: I’m sorry you guys have to deal with or are the produ

This kind of bizarre double-standard has, unfortunately, real world consequences, as many half-Asian men with Asian mothers, also identify as Asian, and are being raised by Asian mothers who seek to prevent Asian men from marrying white women, in order to appear “more beautiful” to racist white males.

Yet many half-Asian men also look very Asian, which in itself is extremely problematic, but made even more so problematic by the dynamic of the racist, anti-feminist dad and the bitter Asian mother who works tirelessly to demean Asianness.

The reason why Asian women (and white men) harass non-Asian women and Asian men is simple:

AMWF tends to be healthier and based on personality.

A more detailed reason is below.

  • The Asian woman is heavily dependent on yellow fever to maintain a flimsy, low-effort relationship where she serves as a replacement for a racist white man who could not meet white women’s standards, who oftentimes blame feminism for why they are autistic, racist, or unpleasant to be around. Asian women are targeted specifically by white racist losers; they know this, and so they call it “yellow fever.”
  • Given that the white man knows he could not meet white women’s standards, he gets furious on seeing an Asian male – who should de facto be beneath him – meet a white woman’s standards
  • White men who go to Asia do so to exercise a last ditch effort on their Whiteness, so necessarily the white men who like being worshipped for being white, are more racist on average; hence there are so many White Nationalists, alt-rightists and overall racists who depend on Asian women for sex and validation of their masculinity.
  • The Asian woman is furious on seeing a white woman – who she feels inferior tow- choose an Asian male. Given that her entire basis for forming a relationship is that she can momentarily feel better than a white woman, by convincing Western society that, despite not being beautiful – she is better than an Asian male.
  • The Asian woman will have overall anger and jealousy towards a functioning, healthy relationship, from one involved in a fetishistic, broken, low effort relationship.
  • White men oftentimes feel that the stigma of having to resort to an Asian woman – plus the incredible insanity of white worshipping Asian women (horrible behavior, screaming, violence) makes his relationship less fulfilling so he lashes out at AMWF for having a healthier relationship.
  • Asian women marry for status but actually crash their own status – ironically – by fulfilling a negative stereotype. The White woman / Asian man is anti-stereotypical and whereby more respectable, causing her internal stress and anger, at the fact that her relationship is built on flimsy stereotypes and racism, and AMWF couples are happier, more well rounded, and based on genuine interest.
  • Some Asian women, having both an idealized image of White women, and an inferiority complex towards them, go so far as to become angered at the thought of a “beautiful Aryan woman” wasting her privilege on men of color, in particular, Asian men, who she feels anger towards. This is an incredibly irony where sp,e Asian women, who know they are less attractive than other women, will in turn become just as hostile towards White women and Asian men, as any white racist. This pattern of behavior can be seen in White men who join White racist organizations, and oftentimes are less attractive on average, and use their idealization of whiteness as a psychological crutch.
  • On realizing that their white partners are low status, and that “yellow fever” oftentimes does not value the woman as an individual and in turn would lead to her being discarded by her White male partner, many Asian women panic on seeing their backup choice, Asian men, find partners, oftentimes healthy ones.
  • Arguably, Asian men have more masculine features and healthier color than white males, whereby Asian women that are not attracted to their white male “loser” partners, will be intensely jealous of Asian male / white female couples.
  • Given that many Asian women are asexual and view sex largely as a “pragmatic” way to achieve a “better life,” many cut off sex with their unattractive husbands – and the reason that many Asian women select unattractive, less-popular white men is because they know that they can obtain status, as well as maintain an asexual relationship, without fear of getting beaten or hurt. Many white men who are unattractive think that Asian women have lower physical standards for white men, simply because they are white, and are shocked when their Asian partners do not want to have sexual relationships with them; and so many of these white men that find themselves married to asexual women, become more and more violent, politically extreme, or even white supremacist – like Kyle Chapman or Stephen Paddock,
  • Upon the men realizing that A) they not only failed to find a white woman, but B) only managed to obtain an asexual relationship with an Asian woman that views them as a status and meal-ticket: The lack of sex of the WMAF relationship causes many White men to become, ironically, more violent and more extreme, rather than less – meaning that they will lash out at, of all people, Asian men and White women, who they view as being responsible for their descent into a low status, unfulfilling relationship.