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Ironic, since the rival CEO’s instant reaction to finding out that his accuser was actually a half-Asian man was PROBABLY to make racist comments about him being an Asian man; despite the fact that the CEO, Anis Uzzaman, was stupid and thirsty enough to turn to random Japanese women online in order to prove that he too, was a man and could get laid with, you guessed it, an Asian woman (since nobody else wanted him).

The overwhelming majority of men who “like” Asian women, are also, unsurprisingly, hyper racist against Asian males, as a way to feel “big.” These same men raise Asian looking children.

And, obviously, since many men feel entitled to Asian women as a way to prove that they’re better than Asian men (since white, or in this case, Indian women, rejected him), it becomes alarming when racist sexpats can’t even tell the difference between a half-Asian man and a full.

A Silicon Valley entrepreneur who was accused of sexual harrassment online claims that his supposed female victim is in fact a male business rival.
Earlier this month Anis Uzzaman, CEO of San Jose-based Fenox Venture Capital, launched a lawsuit against the anonymous Japanese blogger who accused him.
But now Uzzaman has amended his complaint, saying that she is in fact Brandon
Katayama Hill, the founder and CEO of San Francisco-based consulting business btrax.
The initial court filing said that while the blogger didn’t name Uzzaman, there were enough details that commenters on the post were able to identify him.
According to the suit, the article describes him as being ‘not a Japanese’ but a fluent speaker of the language, and ‘a very famous VC, flying around the world,’ and describes his ‘dark skin color and sharp eyes.’
It also makes a number of other allegations against him, including how ‘He says that he does things for Japan, but in reality, he does it for money, power, and women,’ the suit claims.
The article also described how ‘a lot of people from Japan, including students, and many very cute girls, come to him, and he takes advantage of them,’ the suit said.
It also claimed that there are ‘many other victims who fall into his trap’ and that women in his company ‘are taken advantage of’ but don’t speak up because of visa issues.