In other words Michelle hates Asian males, and Asians, so much, that she thinks that it was suitable to imprison non-violent civilians during World War 2.

Self-hatred among Asian women can be so extreme, due to the fact that Asian women, and people, feel as if they are “not different,” due to coming from “peaceful”, organized, status-oriented societies that are relatively orderly, and based around ideas of financial success and integration. Moreover, many Asian people hate that their skin color is “similar,” yet their facial features are “uglier” than whites, because of the lack of bones, and coloration, and slimmer, less defined builds, so they will attempt to “become white” through not only intermarriage, but also by demeaning other people of color. Also, white men are just probably easier to manipulate for most asexual, screeching, clinically depressed, self-hating Asian women that hate Asians (but that’s another story).

Asian culture, by and large, highly rewards and looks upon assimilation and non-resistant, non-rebellious behavior as beneficial, so it makes sense that many Asian people are happy to involve themselves with the racist white policies of the white majority, in a desperate attempt to assimilate and be viewed as a “non-threat.”

In turn, racist white men who feel “wronged” by traitorous, slutty white women will turn to “chaste, clean, traditional, family-oriented,” Asian women as a way to reclaim power and a sense of control and meaning, and to answer their sexual longing and lack of masculinity.

Of course Malkin also used a picture of an Asian male on her book cover – demonstrating what seems to be her utter and complete hatred for Asian men, likely because she wanted to be seen as a “friend” of whites, while Asian men, in comparison, were the enemy from which she could be saved.

One problem though is that many, if not most, half-Asians, grow up to look Asian, if not Latino or Mestizo, which sure as hell doesn’t bring much privilege with it in America.

In one twist of karma, Michelle Malkin’s daughter became deathly ill, and essentially ruined Michelle’s ability to continuous pump hate into the already hateful atmosphere of America.