Story about Krit McClean’s original breakdown.

It can be speculated that the ranting about Trump could potentially have to do with his White father’s admiration for Donald Trump – something many Half-Asians with white fathers are familiar with, given that many conservative men “love” Asian women as a way to “take back power” with traditional, chaste, clean, “non-Jewed,” “non-corrupted,” family oriented women who aren’t “traitorous,” won’t “sleep with black men,” or won’t “divorce-rape” them, like white women will.

Here is the archived Instagram post where Krit complained about the emasculation of Asian men in Western society.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, half-Asian men still identify as Asian men, and are raised:

  • in a society that mocks the mercilessly and forbids them from properly self-actualizing as an Asian male, while fetishizing the ever loving hell out of Asian women as petite sex-dolls (which they aren’t)
  • by mothers who adamantly believe that Asian male features are reprehensible and work to marginalize Asian males in order to successfully raise their status in the eyes of racist white men
  • by racist, anti-social fathers who hate Asian men, (as competition for Asian women), and because Asian men serve as a convenient “punching bag” for white men who, in turn, dislike Western society which they view is “anti-white” and emasculating because of liberalism and feminism
  • by parents that are more racist on average against non-whites, than normally is found in interracial couples, and work towards a society that is increasingly racist, in a desperate attempt to preserve the power of the white man, and to elevate the power of the Asian woman.

None of this is going to change, and hasn’t changed for forty years, with our mothers working over time to demean Asianness in an attempt to climb the social ladder and “integrate” and “assimilate” into Whiteness – so incidents like this will become more and more common, and probably more violent.

If this is happening to Ivy League educated male models who look “too Asian,” what’s going to happen to the other million or so half-Asians that look “too Asian”, but aren’t male models?

Oh well, I’m just here to warn everyone – when nobody listens to you, and it seems that your racist white dad, and white-privilege obsessed Asian mom indeed are against you, a half-Asian child’s behavior could very well be completely unpredictable.

Please don’t say that never warned you.