The original letter he wrote me, on Scribd. 

A letter written to me by a Neo-Nazi with an Asian (Thai wife). This guy has half-Asian kids who, in his own words, look 100% Asian. He refers to them as gooks and chinks. Get ready world! The Half-Asian nightmare is coming!!!!

No need to click the above link; I just republished below.

By the way, the guy also has an extensive posting history (under the same username “DeutschBlut”) of “harmless” racism on FunnyJunk where he brags to other internet strangers how his sons’ eyes are “chinky,” and how he dresses his son up in Nazi paraphernalia.

The sons of Nazis – who cannot get white women yet yearn for control over family oriented, traditional women that respect balding, unattractive white men – and Asian women who can’t even speak the same language as their white male partners, coming to a town near you.

I literally don’t have to keep repeating why Nazis love Asian women (mostly cause Nazis can’t get white women), but this guy explains it better than I ever could. You can choose to listen to me when I say these kids are gonna be EXTREMELY dangerous, or, you could just dismiss me as another “jealous Asian male” (that yet somehow never dated an Asian woman in my life).

More importantly, however:

When will these “couples” begin to get violent? Usually – when a Neo-Nazi marries another white Neo-Nazi, he will find his validation, and a healthy sex life; but White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis who marry Asian women oftentimes find themselves with immense cultural gaps, and the screaming and nagging of a disappointed Asian wife, who herself, used him and her “whiter” children to prove a point – can potentially drive these men to become the next Stephen Paddock. Will these men start killing us Half-Asians, men and women who look Latino, Asian, or even Arab?


Here’s this psycho’s letter (he didn’t even bother emailing me, I guess Scribd is for Nazis who want the real deal). Read it in a German accent and you’ll get chills.

Eurasian Tiger,
Greetings. It seems you are a fan of mine? I just found it funny, and flattering, that I got some random stranger so worked up about me. Ha ha. It is even funnier, because I frequent your site (I research a lot about Eurasian and Hapa identity, so I can teach my boys). Anyhow, I thought I would give you some feedback.

Firstly, Hitler and Nazis are a joke online. If you do not know this, than you must be older than me. There is nothing more that needs to be read into that. Secondly, I am not a Nazi, nor neo-Nazi, as it says in my profile. Additionally, I can “get white girls”. I used to be married to one (Whom I divorced). And I was engaged to others. And have dated girls of just about ever colour there is. I met my Filipino Wife, because I LIVED in the Philippines. I have lived in Asia for about a decade. It is easy to meet Asian girls in Asia. In fact, if one was inclined, it can be rather difficult to meet European girls. So I never understood that dilemma.

Can only my Asian Wife tolerate me? Maybe. But because I am a complicated autistic German. Not a Nazi. I certainly do love that she is undyingly devoted, loyal, caring, hard-working, and so on. Is that bad? Mind you, while my Wife fits the bill of your “typical Asian Wife”, that is not what I sought, nor is it typical. East Asian women tend to be quieter. But they do not all make perfect wives! Many are just quieter versions of Western women. Some are worse!

Likewise, when I met my Wife, I wanted an independent, confident, egalitarian modern Woman. I was well-trained by society. My Wife WANTED to be a “submissive Asian Wife”. She had to teach me to be a Man. You seemed especially offended that I joked about my Son’s gooky eyes. It is funny, he has the PRETTIEST eyes out of all of my boys! Girly. He is truly the cutest. My Sweet Heart. My True Love. That is what I call him. That boy has a heart of gold! I love his eyes. Yeah, they are funny. How DOES he see? It is both an honest question, and a cute joke. They look Chinese, rather than Austronesian.

You also mentioned that I like to publically mock my children. I NEVER do. Making jokes on an anonymous website? Sure. But no one there knows what my kids look like, nor who they are. And I never say anything bad or degrading about them. The jokes I make are for two reasons. One, because I Love them and think they are cute. Secondly, to joke about how many people, like you, assume I must be some kind of “neo-Nazi”, but I am actually married and breeding with a black Hispanic Asian. I never hide that fact. Even online. I could pretend I have some blond-haired, blue-eyed, Aryan Angels. But I do not. I am proud of my children.

You mentioned your Father, who seems like a pretty attractive and intelligent guy for such a “loser” (and who you look exactly like, mind you), gave you European books to read, like it was an insult. Well, you ARE European! Chinese as well, if I recall? You have some things to read there. But there are some things to consider. Western Civilization rules the world! It is the ultimate in anything you can go in. It is a simple fact. Like it or not. Additionally, you live in the West. With my kids, I gave them German and Filipino (Spanish) names at birth, and taught them about things Filipino, food, language, culture, customs… My Wife thought I was crazy. I persisted for years. Eventually, I realised the German, Western side was dominant, was superior. Culturally, and Patriarchally. So I gave them strictly German names, and we do not actively learn about Filipino things. But Filipinos do not really have a culture like the Chinese. So that is easier. There are other factors as well. Being brown US Citizens with Spanish names with cause a lot of confusion. Also, the Philippines is a dangerous place, with terrorists and bandits. I think nurturing an affinity for a nation that loses 5,000 people a day to emigration is probably a bad idea. The Philippines is my Home as well. And I dream of being able to take them back some day when they are bigger. At least for vacation to see where their Mother is from. Teach them some first-hand culture. But many Filipino-Americans have an identity crisis, and think the nation is some Paradise, and a cure for all of their problems growing up in America. It is not. I do not want to raise children with an identity crises. Not European. Not Asian. Trapped between two worlds. I want to raise some true hybrids. People that are a happy and healthy mix, that know who they are, and know their place in the World.

A little about me. I am old. But so is my Wife. I have lived and worked for 7 years in the Philippines (including a month in the bamboo hut over the South China Sea my Wife called Home most her Life), where I hold Permanent Residency. Would have been a Citizen last year. I know Filipino History and Civics. I am fluent in the Filipino Language, even though my Wife is not! (She speaks a provincial language). We have 6 halfling Eurasian Hapa German-Gook kids together, which I worship and adore. And our culture clashes, physical differences, and dichotomous relationship is an enjoyable adventure every day!

Sure, I joke about Hitler online. I also do not like living in black communities. I also think Jews are dangerous. The business and political ones at least. And yes I question the “holocaust”. Am I racist? Maybe. Who knows? Who cares?

One thing I am certain of, is that I am a good Husband and Father. Rather than working hard for more money, I use my military pension and sporadic work, to live simple and spend time with my kids. We are members of every museum, garden, gallery, and society in town, which we visit daily. We talk all day, about everything. We play together. And we always give hugs and kisses and “I Love you”s. I daily tell them that they are strong, smart, funny, I am proud of them, I have dreamed of them my whole Life, and I Love them.
Sure, I am proud to be 100% European. But I am also proud that my children are half Asian. They can choose whatever path they want. I am pretty obsessed with Europe and the West. But at the same time, I love Eastern things. I love how many East Asians can live without a 3,000 sq ft. house, 2 SUVs, and an 80” TV and still be happy. I love when I see my kids, and I see my massive German forehead, and then I see my Wife’s eyes, mouth, and colour. I am very happy, very proud they look like her. German identity is important to me. And I teach my boys likewise. But they will never see the world through my eyes (Mostly because their eyes are chinky! Ha ha!). And that is fine. They areme, biologically. And they are my Legacy. To carry on my Name, my Blood, and my Ideas to another generation. But they are also Individuals, who will take what they got from myself and their Mother, mix it up with their own Life experiences, and be the Men they decide to be.

Asian racism towards Asians? Sure, my Wife does that. 100% of Filipino celebrities are 50%-90% European. People there obsess about European physiognomy and are experts in the art of self-hating. Revering Europeans for their culture and civilization, I think, is great (I became the most proud of my Lineage after living in Japan, a nation that reveres the West, but still proud to do things it’s own way). Obsessing about European looks and DNA, is not only unhealthy, but pretty creepy. My Wife is not that bad. But when she makes comments, I jokingly call her a “racist gook”.

But her admiring European looks in my boys is also just appreciating that her children were made with her husband. Just as I admire my Boys’ gook eyes, big lips, or brown skin. Ha ha. I am not racist towards Euros, I just Love my Wife!

As I said, I am actually a fan of yours. Or, at least a member of the audience of your show. I think you have a lot of good things to say. You have a lot of insight. And I like your chutzpah (as a New Yorker, you probably know that Jewish word). But you seem a little disturbed too. Not saying that as an insult. True genius always comes with a level of insanity (At least I hope so!). But you definitely fit the bill of someone who is “projecting” or “didn’t get hugged enough as a kid”. Maybe your Father really is a bad person? Maybe you are already aware of yourself? But consider it a constructive criticism. I think you jumped the gun on some comments I made on an anonymous, retarded website devoted to jokes and memes, but I am not personally offended. Yet.

You are welcome to use this correspondance for fodder of your own online agenda. I only ask that now you have a little more clarity into who I am, as a real person, with the time I spent writing this, and the thoughts and energy, that you do not mis-represent me.

My point was to reach out to you, for mutual benefit. Assuming you have coherency to carry on an intelligent dialogue, I thought it would be mutually beneficial, since we are both fans of each other, to some strange degree. And, as a Father of 6 Eurasian boys, I feel we have some sort of loose connection to each other. At least, we are both living in a unique part of the World Experience, that most of the population does not share.

I hope you got something meaningful from this informal, but heartfelt correspondence. Thanks for reading and good day.


Deutsch Blut

“Oh Eurasian Tiger, you think you own Asian women.”

Nah, the opposite, anything but Asian women, I prefer not being in a relationship with women that take men like hese; but these people are a  threat to the world and everyone you know and love.