Two years before Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw – arguably two of the most famous half-Asian men in America, a white woman noted that desperate, unattractive, white men who have such seething hatred and disdain for Asian males – yet “love” Asian women – would possibly have children who would suffer from psychological trauma.

Again – racist, hateful white men who hate Asian males and white women, have been marrying “submissive, pro-white” Asian women for decades – as a way to “reclaim” power. Many of their half Asian sons – including me – have been subjected to extreme racism at home, from our own parents; the only mixed race group to do so.

After all, white men who rely on Asian women for sex and companionship are generally very insecure about being physically or socially unattractive (hence blaming it on Western women) and very hostile about their loss of white privilege, so use “dominance” over Asians and Asian women to prove that they are still relevant and “in control” with a chaste, clean, smart, “moral,” traditional, white-skinned wife; and Asian women, desperate for power and to feel beautiful and wanted, will be happy to marry extremely racist white men who want to use their Asian wives as a weapon against feminism, and change, and to mock Asian men, who they view as the only thing beneath them (i.e., beneath ugly white men).

Asian women and white men (the ones insecure enough to pursue Asian women) are adamant about how Asian men are unattractive – and white men are happy, or even complicit, in emasculating and demeaning Asianness, because it makes their strange, fetishistic relationship feel more “justified.” Asian men are the only competition for White men who seek an Asian woman to make him feel powerful and masculine against the tides of change; and Asian men are the only thing beneath a low status, racist, rejected white man.

The same racist, violent white men who need to “resort” to “smart,” “moral,” “traditional” Asian women as a last choice to feel strong, are not happy with this fact (that the woman is a nagging, clinically depressed, controlling Asian, rather than white) – so they spend much of their time attacking Asian men and White women, despite being in a supposedly “happy” relationship.

Despite raising Asian looking sons by the millions – sons who have to endure high degrees of racism against them, regardless.

White male / Asian female relationships are a heavily politicized, unhappy, “last-resort” movement against Western women, and Asian men – who they bully for being the only thing that they can bully and feel “powerful” over, after being made to feel “irrelevant.”

So what happens, then, when these people give birth to a child who looks at very least, a bit Asian?

No wonder the overwhelming majority of successful, happy half-Asians have Asian fathers.

2012: A South African White woman asks the White Expats in China, how they can be so full of hatred for White femininity and Asian masculinity when that is exactly what their own children will be. “Be gentle with those around you. “

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