Another far-right, anti-immigration White Nationalist with… half-Asian children, and an Asian wife.

See the incredibly long list of anti-immigrant, far right, alt-right, white nationalist, Neo Nazis with Asian wives full list here.

According to his Wikipedia article, Bruno Gollnisch

is a French academic and politician, a member of the National Front (FN) far-right party, and a member of the European Parliament. He was chairman of the European Parliamentary group ‘Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty‘ in 2007, which was dissolved in November 2007 following the defection of the Greater Romania Party. He is therefore a Non-Inscrit. Gollnisch has also been the executive vice-president of the FN since 2007. He is a councillor of the Rhône-Alpes région of France. Because of his public comments, and his position in the National Front he is a controversial figure in France.

The National Front is the far-right party that was first founded by none other than Marine Le Pen.

Gollnisch also served a prison sentence due to committing a crime of Holocaust revisionism.

Bruno Gollnisch was condemned in January 2007 to a three-month prison sentence on probation and ordered to pay costs of 55,000 Euros (with interest) by the Lyon tribunal correctionnel on a charge of “an offence of verbal contestation of the existence of crimes against humanity,[5] ” which is punished in France by virtue of the 1990 Gayssot Act. Gollnisch had committed the verbal contestation on October 11, 2004, by declaring:

I do not question the existence of concentration camps but historians could discuss the number of deaths. As to the existence of gas chambers, it is up to historians to speak their minds (“de se déterminer”).[6]

Gollnisch joins a long, long list of White Supremacists, far-rightists, White Nationalists, and Holocaust deniers with a


for Asian women.
His wife, according to Wikipedia, is a woman named Setsuko Takeuchi.
The more racist you are – the more likely you’re going to hate “feminist” white women, use your race as a crutch to help you feel superior to others, and pursue Asian women, since they are “family oriented,” submissive, clean, chaste, sweet, kind, thin, and won’t challenge your masculinity by sleeping with those dirty blacks or Muslim immigrants. Funny, given my dad is also a Holocaust denier – with an Asian wife. I guess thinking the Jews are “turning society against the white man,” makes you unappealing to white women – so better go to Asia and find a woman who appreciates you, and won’t make you feel threatened like those nasty, feminist white women will, but most importantly, probably doesn’t even understand why a white supremacist would marry an Asian woman while denying the Holocaust.
Oh well – this is your world, enjoy living in it!