I’ve been warning you since 2014 about something called the “Hapacalypse;” a large number of half-Asians, like Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw, that are very uncomfortable with their Asian heritage and extremely white supremacist – largely because our parents are, frankly, racist. Very racist.

It’s because our parents are the new white supremacists – with one exception; most half-Asians don’t look white. Some do, but since many White male / Asian female couples hope that we do, it’s incredibly dangerous that many of us do not. Worse still, that our parents encourage us to identify as White, and to fill the role left empty by white women (when they became too fat and too feminist).

That makes many, many, many Half-Asians in the precarious position of being both clearly Asian (a bad thing, even to Asian women who work tirelessly to demoralize Asian looking people in a desperate attempt to integrate and feel powerful and beautiful and to escape negative Asian stigmas), yet having white supremacist parents who hope they look white.

Half Asians are the only biracials caught between extreme, white supremacy of both their anti-feminist fathers, and racist, status hungry Asian mothers, and yet also told to ignore extreme and unapologetic, open racism against them for being Asian males.

Oh, b-b-b-b-but I’m just a jealous Asian man!

That’s why Daniel Holtzclaw and Elliot Rodger rather would have died than date an Asian woman.

Why are there so many half-Asians attending Richard Spencer’s White Nationalism conferences?

Oh – that’s right. Richard Spencer has “a thing” for Asian girls, and they have “a thing” for him. Is it surprising that the “knock-off” white kids from White supremacists and their Asian girlfriends are punching tickets at White supremacist conferences?

Did I mention I’m half Asian and an ex-Neo-Nazi – and that nobody in my White or my Asian family intended to intervene? I was encouraged by my father to idealize 1950’s society, Adolf Hitler, to blame the Jews and to fear black people. Nobody in my white or Asian father bothered to intervene – instead encouraging me to embrace my “white face.”

Asian people are self-hating, hate their physical features to a nihilistic degree and hope for white looking children with blue eyes and light hair; Asian people are also confused by their light skin and their “civilized” societies into thinking that they are almost white, and that intermarriage with white people creates white looking children, when in fact, Asian people are just as genetically different from Whites as black people are – due to incredibly large differences in skull shape and body shape and hair texture.

White men who feel “wronged” by feminism, multiculturalism, liberalism and “mudsharks” idealize Asian Tiger Moms as being family oriented, chaste, white skinned, pretty, easy to predict, less likely to sleep with black men, and more likely to never challenge white supremacy and the white man’s will. She is an alternative, a surrogate, and a replacement for “wayward” white women, and his children are replacement white children. In our mothers’ minds, half-white (ergo – white) children are her ticket to feeling accepted and beautiful into the white hegemony.

Essentially, the appeal of Asian women to racist white men is that Asian women are easier as long as you are white – without making any attempt AT ALL to empathize with anything other than your straight-white-male perspective; so if you are a racist white man who has difficulty keeping white women in line, you can go for a “noble,” “traditional,” “family oriented,” “slim,” “petite,” cute Asian woman as a replacement – despite black women, Latina women and Arab women having more similarities in terms of build and facial features.

Half Asian men, in turn, deal with excrutiating racism against them from not only whites – but Asian women as well – including our own mothers, and as a result are driven into conservatism and white supremacy in an attempt to feel “just as good” as white men.