• Physically very unattractive (balding, short)
  • Racist against Asians
  • Asian wife
  • Unable to find a white partner to share his racism, because of his racism
  • Capitalizes on Asian self-hatred and admiration for whiteness and status and integration to find a wife and companionship, like the majority of anti-social, loser white males who need a way to get laid, despite being racist
  • Uses Asian wife and “superiority” over Asians, as a way to “get back” at society that is “politically correct”
  • Uses Asian wife to feel strong, and wanted, and desired – when white women are “too feminist” (i.e., they don’t like him because he’s ugly)
  • Has an Asian looking daughter
  • Mocks her in public to show he’s still in charge and still a strong, powerful man who doesn’t “hold back.”

Multiply this behavior by a few million – since racist, anti-social white men essentially default to Asian women – the only women they can feel “powerful” over.

What could go wrong?

“You’re just jealous, Eurasian Writer! These kids will be fine!”