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“Mudshark” is a derogatory term for a white woman who sleeps with, dates, or marries black men. White and non-Asian men, desperate for a sense of masculine control and masculine affirmation, in turn fetishize Asian women as the only women who will not sleep with black men – and in turn provide the white / non-Asian male with a sense of a secure, nuclear family without any threat of “savage black men” tempting his wife.

White men, in turn, seek out Asian women in the hopes that Asian women will not sleep with black men. This is why Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and a Chinese woman – hated seeing black men and White women; because his father in all likelihood did as well.

Yeah, see, white guys still want white women, but go for “traditional,” “family oriented” Asian women as a way to “take back the power,” and feel strong, and in control in the face of change.

So many white men married to Asian women still feel entitled to White women, as well as Asian women, while being perpetually angry at white women for rejecting them in favor of black or even Asian men (but mostly black).

These are the same hyper racist white men with “traditional,” “clean,” “chaste,” “family oriented,” “smart,” “loyal,” “moral,” “white-skinned” Asian wives (who they feel won’t betray them for black men) raising biracial Asian sons – many of whom looks very non-White. Some even look, God forbid, Latino or Arab, or probably the worst: Asian.

And you wonder where Elliot Rodger came from?

This has been going on for 40 years – and only now did someone realize that half-Asians have to go through hell being raised by white supremacists married to non-White women (but not just any non-White woman; Asian woman, in particular, the “whitest” and most “malleable” and “cleanest” and “smartest” of all the different ethnic groups).

So what’s gonna happen?

How many half-Asians are dead because of this dynamic?

How many people are going to get hurt when these half-Asians come of age and are either full blown white supremacists (since their fathers LITERALLY had no other way to reproduce), or look super, hyper Asian, and have WMAF couples working overtime against non-whites?

Who answers for it? Either way, the bill is 40 years overdue, without anyone footing the bill for it; that’s a lot of really messed up Hapas out there.

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