Video of James Allsup at the Virginia rallies for White Nationalism.

Edit: video has been taken down; information on James Allsup is quite literally everywhere, including his Asian heritage.

At 0:30 seconds, what appears to be Chuck C. Johnson, another White Nationalist with an Asian wife, also shows up. (Edit, video has been taken down, but Chuck C. Johnson’s behavior has been well documented on

Allsup is, by his own admission, part Asian, or at least part Filipino.

White men oftentimes see Asian women as being a way to validate white supremacy, or feel “powerful,” when White women refuse (and in turn pursue relationships with minority men); i.e., because White men have white supremacist values and believe in traditional society and Western hegemony, they feel angered that White women do not want to submit and instead embrace “Jewish influenced” feminism and “race mixing.”

Facing being celibate and alone, and having extremely hostile white nationalist viewpoints, White men will in turn seek out Asian women, who will validate them for their whiteness, and desire white features in themselves, and will provide the image of a “stable and traditional” family home. Their children, oftentimes confronted with the idea that Asianness and Asian men are undesirable, and fail to compete even compared to racist, bottom of the barrel white men, internalize the idea that whiteness is superior, especially when their own fathers are parroting white nationalist views, and their mothers are saying horrible things about Asian men, while praising the child’s “white” features.

Oftentimes these same White men – on attaining an Asian wife, who oftentimes is clueless as to her partner’s true belief system – will use her as a shield by which to deflect claims of racism, all the while harboring racist viewpoints more extreme than normal.


“I’m not racist, my wife is Asian.”

Allsup is just another Half Asian in a long list of Half Asians who are involved in White Nationalism.

Many Half or Part Asians, raised by white fathers who could not find a white woman to help contribute to and partake in their white supremacist practices – instead go for Asian women to fill the role, given that Asian women are traditional, family oriented, chaste, loyal, and hateful of blacks. Many half-Asians are also extremely paranoid of their Asian heritage (regarding hair color, height, facial features), so they compensate by becoming white supremacists (i.e., attempting to maintain a system that benefits white looking men the most) to cope with their latent self-hatred. even featured Half Asians who were attending Richard Spencer’s white nationalist conferences.